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Friday, July 10, 2015

7 Places to Learn History in Manila

Just recently my mommy blogger friends and I went to Museo Pambata for our playdate. Will share more details about that on my next post, so please keep on reading my blog. ;) 

Anyway, I have been wanting to write about places to visit here in Manila to learn history and at the same time kid friendly too. I don't know why I couldnt get myself to write but like a message from the universe I saw this in Museo Pambata: 

This is just great! Excellent, even! My family and I now have our checklist to visit here in Manila. We've been living here for more than a year and all we can bring Enzo to is the near malls around the vicinity. Gets a little boring now, especially as Enzo's growing up already. 

1. Museo Pambata 
The first hands-on discovery for children in the Philippines. With interactive exhibists on history, culture, the environment, science, health, and career options as well as special shows and programs, it is the ideal place for alternative learnig, family fun and wholesome environment. 

Entrance fee: 
FREE for Manila residents with ID 
Php150 for adults
Php120 for children 

2. Manila Zoo 

Manila Zoo is situated in Quirino Avenue Adriatico Street Malate Manila, home to a variety of animals seen here in the country. One of the controversial animals here is Maali, a 40 year old elephant. Some animal activits fight to free Maali into its natural habitat. Manila Zoo although stands firm to keep Maali in their care. 

Entrance Fee:
Php20 for Manila residents
Php100 for adults
Php50 for children
Php75 for students

3. Luneta 

Luneta is home to Jose Rizal's statue and a must see place for every Filipino and tourists as well. Luneta Park offers a lot of activities fit for all members of the family. It has alot of other places to see within it like the butterfly garden, Chinese garden etc. There are free events and activities that happen there that everyone can enjoy. 

4. Intramuros
From the story of Noli Me Tangere, Anak ng Pasig songs, and geandest weddings in Manila Cathedral, Intramuros is a repository of history and stories. It has the nicest scenic views, scrumptous streetfood and unique restos. Concerts also happens in this four walled streets. 

5. Quiapo Church 
                  Photo from    

Quiapo church is known for the Miraculous Black Nazarene. Devotees pray religiously in the Black Nazarene as it is believe to favor their prayers and desires. The Feast of the Black Nazarene is also one of the grandest as devotees come together to pay tribute to him. My father is a devotee and I remember him joining the crowd and walking barefoot. 

6. National Museum Planetarium 
             Photo from National
     Museum Planetarium FB Page

National Museum Planetarium is a projet of former First Lady Imelda Marcos in 1975. Its main function is to disseminate astronomical information through shows, lectures, and galleries. At the moment, Planetarium shows are closed to public but their galleries are free for all visitors. 

7. Malacanang Palace 

     Photo searched from Google 
Malacanang Palace is one of the tourist spots in Manila where the president resides. You can walk from San Miguel ave and see the walls of the palace. 

Out of all the seven places, my family and I have been to only two of it. What I love about lists is that I always have a new place to go and I don't have to think too much!;) Will post about our Museo Pambata and Manila Zoo trips next time. 

Do you have other places to suggest for us to visit? Comment away!;) 


  1. Mamasyal tayo sa Maynila. I hope that every students can visit these places as they will learn lot of new things and discoveries instead of roaming around big malls during educational field trips.

  2. Manila is a place of history. I really enjoyed visiting these places especially the bay. I am dreaming that someday I'll have a unit in this condo in Manila Bay and enjoy the famous sunset at my own residence.



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