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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pink Please: Pink Lipstick Brands Review

NyAfter doing my Finding the Perfect Red, I decided to do another swatch and reviews of my lipsticks. Now, up on the swatch plate are my pink lippies. 

For a girl who confesses on not being a lipstick kind of person, I actually have a lot of it. When I go out I usually have just one of my favorite in my kikay kit and use for about a month or so then decide to use another one. I stick to lippies that are closest to my natural color but slowly I am loving pink shades for different occassions. 

Let me introduce to you my Pink Lippies: 
I have six of them but it looks like I forgot the last one haha! But dont worry, it's just this one pic. I was able to swatch six lippies namely: Revlon's Colorbust in Carnation, Nyx's Matte in Audrey, Happy Skin's Moisturizing Lippie in First Kiss, Maybelline in Pink Please, Flower Fragrance Lipstick, and Winmax Lipstick. 

Here are the swatches on my arm in natural light:

Here are the swatches on my lips. Sorry for the awkward smile!;) 
From top left to right: 
Happy Skin
Flower Fragrance Lipstick
Winmax Lipstick

All the lippies were just gifts to me, just like the red lippies I have. Such generous friends and family I have right? Haha! 

Curious which made it to the top of my list? Before I give you my list here are my criteria: Color, Moisturizing Effect, and Longevity. 

In terms of Color, I like natural or close to my lips' color but because this is a Pink lipstick review, I'll be choosing the pinkest of them all. 

Moisturizing effect refers to its smooth glide on the lips. My lips tend to dry easily so it's important for me that my lippies are really moisturizing. 

Longevity or staying power. As a teacher and a No-retouch-type of girl, I like my lippies to stay on my lips for a longer time. Especially when I teach, my lippies are the least of my worries so I appreciate lippies that stay longer. 

On top of my list is Happy Skin's First Kiss: 
Still my favorite pink lipstick because the color is really pink, moisturizes my lips really well, and it stays for a long time. 

Revlon's Carnation made it to my second top because I love its pink shade, and it stays for a long time, and I use it for photo ops as the color really stands out in the photo. 

Maybelline Pink Please is on my top theee because I love its natural pink shade though it does not stay as much as I want it to. It freshens up my look and looks natural on my lips and skin tone. 

Nyx Audrey is pretty moisturizing but I only use it for night events as I think the color is too bright to wear during the day. 

Winmax is my fifth choice because he color does not show too well on my lips. I had to layer it about 3-4 times before it was evident on my lips. 

Flower Fragrance lipstick made it to the last of my lips because I don't prefer lipsticka wih gltters and the scent was just too much for me. The pink color however resembles the Maybelline Pink Please lippies. 

So there's my Pink Please review and hopeully it helped you in searching for your own pink lippies. What's your best pink lippie? Please share it with me so I can try too!;) 

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