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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Museo Pambata: Your Next Playdate Venue

Hello there! Here's the second part of our Museo Pambata Playdate where I will share with you the remaining four attractions or galleries in the museum.  You can read my previous post here:

Pamilihang Bayan/Marketplace

Right outside the Katawan ko/My Body Works is this Barbershop as part of the Marketplace. It is pretend neigborhood where kids can shop, and sell in different playstores. 

Fruit and vegetable and Bigasang Bayan

Gab, Rhianne, and Enzo playing pretend at the stall. They each have baskets of fruits too!;) 

Panaderia/Hot Pandesal Store

Pacing's Carinderia

A simple Tatak Pinoy store, a carinderia with complete set meals!!;) 

Other play stores include: Pharmacy,Sari Sari Store and Sapatusan!;) 

But what Enzo really loved is the Fire Truck!!!;) He loves cars and driving them so he really stayed a long time there. 

Then we went to my favorite spot in the museum. Can you guess what it is?

Yes!!! It's the Aklatang Pambata/Children's Library. The library has a wide collection of books for all ages. The area is just right for a reading or storytelling station. Kids can find their own reading nook and enjoy their books. They also have storytelling sessions but unfortunately they did not have one when we visited. Kids can also borrow books from the library which is a real bonus for them. 

Next to the library is the Paglaki ko/Career Options section. This is where kids can visualize the infinite possibilities of what career to get into when they grow up. The area highlights different career options in writing a children's book. They showed the different phases of a book and what jobs are needed to create one. It was a nice experience seeing the work put into one book. It makes them appreciate books more. 

Next and the last stop is I Love My Planet Earth. This showcases the difference of times before and after where families and houses did not have a lot of gadgets just yet. It exhibits climate change and what everyone can do to save the planet. 

That ends our trip to Museo Pambata and anyone who visits will surely go back again. You can never get enough of the exhibist and the learnings children can get from it. There is no time limit to stay and kids can play as long as they want. Go and spend a playdate in Museo Pambata. 

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