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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Baby Care Plus+ Milk Baby Bath and Lotion Review

Babies and toddlers have a special scent to them that most people love to smell. I often hear some people say "Ang bango ng baby, amoy gatas!", I eventually said those same words too when I had Enzo. I love smelling him especially because of his baby milk scent. As he grows up into a toddler, there are times that he smells nothing like milk haha! That's because he plays under the sun and makes a lot of mess at times. I don't like him smelling "asim" or "amoy pawis" that is why I would guve him a shower immediately.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to try Tupperware's Baby Care Plus+ Baby Bath and Lotion, thanks to Ms. Charis and Ms. Alexa of Brandspeak Asia. 

Being an excited person that I am, we immediately tried the baby bath in Enzo's next bath. I loved the smell as it reminds me of his baby milk scent. The scent stays for a longer time so more playtime fun for him. I also liked that it leaves milk scent on our bathroom everytime he finishes his shower. I want to get in the shower myself everytime we use it on Enzo. 

 Sorry for the blurred photo hihi. Couldnt get him to pose for a photo eh. 

The Baby Care Plus+ Milk Baby Bath gently cleanses and conditions baby's sensitive skin and hair. It has a Lamesoft Skin protector that helps form a natural barrier to prevent the loss of moisture while bathing. 

After bath, we tried the Baby Care Plus+ Milk Baby Lotion as I want Enzo to have a smooth and moisturized skin as well. The weather somehow leaves his skin dry so the lotion is just what we need. It also becomes our bonding and massage time which calms him down too! This has also become a bed routine for us.

Baby Care Plus+ Baby Lotion has a ligt formulation, which locks in mositure for up to 24 hours, plus Vitamin E that nourishes baby's skin, making it elvety smooth, soft, and smelling good all day long. 

Other Baby Care Plus+ Baby prodcts are soap and powder, all of whih are dermatologically tested and mild making them perfect for babies and young children. 

Now, smelling "amoy gatas" and "amoy baby" is achievable with Tupperware's Baby Care Plus+ products. 

About Tupperware Brands:
Tupperware Brands Philippines diatributes well-loved brands including Tupperwar, Baby Care Plus+, Kids+, Colour Collection, Ivana and White Result. For your questions and inquiries on how to be a dealer, log on to, email at or call the hotline number 8672222.. Like hem on facebook at


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