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Thursday, July 23, 2015

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Manila 2015: Why you NEED to be there

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is trading in products or services using the internet. If you have not known of this word yet, then maybe Grabcar, Globe G-Cash, Smart Money, etc. are examples of it. In the digital world, almost anyone, and anywhere people can buy anything and everything they need through the use of internet using the PC, or even through Smart Phones.

Thus, entrepreneurs and companies take advantage of this advancement to come closer to their customers and give them reliable and effective service. Have you ever been to the bank yo deposit your money and wasted long hours on the line? Or wanted to order food from your favorite resto but can get through their phone lines? 

I once had an online shop where all transactions were done online. I did not so any meet ups as I had to work from home and attend to my newborn. The internet made it all possible as I could monitor all deposits made by my clients through online banking and can schedule pick ups from couriers all through the use of internet. 

My logo summarizes what E-Commerce has done for small and medium enterprises. It has provided a lot of opportunities for moms like me to work while staying hands on parents. Though this was only shortlived. I lack the necessary skills to make it grow even more.

E-commerce has made life easier for most people as it helped us become more productive with the use of internet. As much as a lot of companies have done this, not all people are aware of this services which is why you need to go to the 7th DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit with this year's theme E-Commerce for Economic Growth. The summit will happen on August 29,2015 at the Ballroom of Best Western Plus Antel, Hotel Makati Ave , Makati City. 

Photo taken from duomaster- e-commerce.jpg

Here are some reasons why you NEED to go to the Summit: 

1.Learn from the experts. 
When you are sick, you go to the doctor. 
When your pets are sick, you go to a vet. 
When you want to learn E-commerce, go to an E-Commerce expert!

These experts will be on the summit to teach e-Commerce strategies that have worked and share some of their best practices.

2. Be Inspired by StartUps
Many people wants their own business, some even have bright ideas for fresh business but lacks the skills on marketing and e-commerce. Start ups are an inspiring and motivating stories to hear and they will be sharing their triumphs and journey with E-Commerce

3. Network. 
Knowing and connecting with people and e-commerce experts online and offline will help build your business in e-commerce strategies. You can also have an instant support group and friends that will assist you in your business strategies using e-commerce. 

4. Getting ready for ASEAN!
The ASEAN integration is coming this November and ensuring you and your business is ready to adapt and adjust should be one of your primary goals. Learning more about E-Commerce will get you prepped up with strategies you will be needing to become ASEAN Integration ready. 

This one-day learning programs aim to cover the following topics. The program will be improved continuously hereon.

8:00 to 8:30 AM Registration

8:30 to 9:00 AM Participants Introduction

State of E-Commerce in the Philippines 2015
(Speaker: Dr. Nick Fontanilla, I-Metrics Asia-Pacific and more to be added)

Cross-Border Business-to-Business E-Commerce: Logistics, Escrow, and Public Key Infrastructure
(Speaker: Francis Lopez, Pan Asia Exchange and more to be added)

E-Commerce Start-up Projects
(Speaker: Michelle Zialcita Sario, Tasktics, Monica Jane Roldan of Save N’ Earn, and more to be added)

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies
(Speakers: Joma Giron of AboitizLand, Valerie Joy Deveza of Autodeal, and Mannix Pabalan of Hashtag Digital)

12:00 LUNCH

Building a Trustworthy E-Commerce Ecosystem
Speaker: Wilklean Regalado of, Lim Chin Wan of SecureMetric Technology and more to be added)

Securing E-Commerce Transactions
(Speaker: Isaac Sabas, Pandora Security Labs and more to be added)

The rate of P4,000 shall be valid until July 15, 2015 only. The rate of P4,500 shall apply for registration from July 15 to August 15, 2015. The rate from August 16 onwards shall be at P5,000 per head. But because, I want and need you to attend, I am giving an additional Php500 off on the tickets. Just tell them you got the info from me. You can also screenshot this post as proof. 

Payments can be made through site, just click take this course and you can already choose your payment methods. After paying email Janette Toral and you are good to go! 

See you there and let's strategies through E-Commerce!;)

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