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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finding the Perfect Red: Red Lipstick Brands' Review

I am not a lipstick person, or should I say I don't like looking like I am wearing one. I have always stayed on the nude or natural lipstick color that is closer to my lips.

Just recently, after cleaning up my make up stash I found a lot of red lipsticks. I have about 6 and all were given by friends and families. I got generous loved ones really!!;) 

 It was also timely as I have finished reading Liz Uy's Stylized book and she wrote something about finding the perfect lipstick as an accessory to an entire get up. That is what prompted me to find my perfect red. 

Here are the brands on review: 

ELF in Fearless
Bite in Cranberry
Color Collection in Bella
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Tinted Lip Sheen
Revlon Just Bitten lipbalm in Romantique
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain+balm in Twilight

So three of it are lipstick while three o it are lipbalms and tint. Here is the swatch of each lippies in the same order above. 

I only did one swipe for the five products except for Victoria's secret as it needed more layer so it could be seen on my skin. The next swatch is to test its water resistant ability. I washed my arm with water and see which ones stayed longer. 
Revlon Lip Tint and Balm and Bite were the two products that stayed the longest even with water. I also used washcloth on it but it still stayed. Now I know which ones to bring to the beach or a pool party!;) 

Here are the swatch I did on my lips next: 

For a better comparison, here's a chart of my swatch: 

My verdict: 

As I don't really like loud lipsticks and wearing a red one is a challenge for me, I'll go for Victoria's Secret Beauty Crush Tinted Lip Sheen because it's moisturizing, glides smoothly on my lips, has a little shine, and is not as bright as the other brands.

2nd is Bite. It is a Canada brand and I like how its redness is not harsh nor too sweet. I don't like too dark red but its color is just enough to compliment my skin.

3rd is Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm. I like its minty taste and I love that I only need to put on one layer and it stick really well. The balm also makes it moisturizing on my lips. 

4th Revlon Lip tint and Balm. I like how I can wear it during night events and that it looks elegant on me. The balm is also an added plus as it keeps my lips soft eventhough the color stays for a long time.

5th Color Collection. The color of the lipstick on the tube is a little deceiving. When I saw it I though it was a soft red, but it turned out to be really red. I also sisnt like that I had to layer it a lot of times on my lips just so it would be obvious.

6th ELF. This was my first red lippie and I think it is just too bright for my liking. I always get a remark that my lips is to red when I wear it. 

So generally I think I can start wearing red lippies and learn to wear as my accessory. Slowly maybe I can get used to wearing obvious lippies. 

Please share with me your favorite red lipstick and maybe I can try them too!;) 

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