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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Health Junkie PH Bootcamp at Playground 2.0

Last June 20, I got the chance to join Health Junkie PH bootcamp and new site launch at Playground 2.0. It was a great day fo workout plus I got to also meet the founder of Health Junkie PH, Tonette Nicolas, and the other contributors like Rejj, Ives, and Monabelle. I got pretty excited about the event too cause I wanted to try Flow Yoga, and Zumba, and listen to the Nutrition Talk.

Going to Playground 2.0 was really easy. From Vito Cruz Taft, I rode the Dominga jeep going to Buendia, (less traffic on that route); ride the bus going to Pasong Tamo, and jeep going to MRT. I asked the driver to drop me off at Molave Bldg, and voila I was at Playground already.
I arrived around 1:00 pm and the group was still on break. It was a photo opportunity for me as I was not around during the morning session. 

The reception is what will welcome you in the playground. The sides are wide and clear spaces suitable for different fitness trainigs available in the venue. One side was for Crossfit, while the other is for Yoga and Zumba. 

While waiting, my friend Iris and I took some before photos of ourselves. 

We were expecting to try out Flow Yogas what was suggested in the schedule, but found our we were doing Circuit Training. Got pretty nervous as the coach explain the routines. 
The circuit training had ten stations, with each station having 30seconds alotment. You are free to do the workouts in your own pace and make as much reps as you can in 30 seconds. We were asked to finish four sets that lasted for about 12 minutes for the entire program. It was the longest 12 minutes of my life, and it had all my muscles working at the same time. Although some of the workouts were difficult for a newbie like me, I felt successful being able to finish the entire program. It was endorphins overload and I loved it. 

Our post circfit look with our new favorite booster drink, Vitwater. I loved the grape flavor because it is not too sweet but it rehydrates me well. 

Afterwards, stretching was done with Tonette and a nutrition talk followed shortly. 

The talk was given by Ms. Lyka Pauline Bugtong RnD. She shared how important wise eating is in having a healthy body. Emphasizing on recognizing own personal body, food mindset, and eating perception, she pointed out that each person has their own eating journey which noone can dictate. What she highlighted on is on a person's decision of what to intake and how to know whih pnes are good or bad for the health. It was really insightful for me as I also learned how to read nutritional labels, Next step though is to practice it. 

Shortly after, the Zumba classes started, and I had the funniest, most energetic, sweat inducing Zumba class ever. Well, technically, it was my first. The Zumba instructors, were really great and all of them spreads a joyful and intense vibe to everyone. I was literally dancing as if no one was watching. I guess I burned all the calories I ate for the week. I never knew Zumba could be that fun and exciting. 

That ended the day, and I could not be any more proud of myself for the accomplishments I did. Though I got aorr muscles after, the long term effects of it are all worthwhile. Now I cannot wait dor my next workout and I plan to enroll in a zumba class too!;) 

Thank you, Health Junkie PH! My future body says Thank you as well!;) 

Sponsors of the  event were:

The Playground 2.0. 3rd floor Molave Bldg 2331 Chino Roces St. Makati City 
Follow them on IG: @theplayground2.0

   Vitamin Boost Drink and Lightwater 

  Bioessence Corporate Page 

           Ann's Dairy Free Ice Cream 
               Fitness Gourmet PH

Team Health Junkie PH! Join us and be the first to know how, where, what and why workout!;) Follow us on IG too: @healthjunkieph

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