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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hands On Parents while Earning (HOPE) Summit: Learn, Network, Win, Shop!

Being a hands on parent is the most fulfilling job I have ever done. Ever since I became a mom, me and my hubby were the primary caregiver of our little boy. It is an achieve I celebrate everyday as I witness every milestone of our child. This is beneficial to us as we understand him very well and can cope up with his tantrums or moods. I get to know my child very well especially his temperament and his learning style which makes taking care of him easier at times. (You know, it is always a challenge to raise a toddler right?)

Although, I am a hands on Mom, I also work and study part time. I work as a college teacher and I am pursuing my Masters degree at the same time. I think I have been blessed both with an institution that has provided for my family's needs while pursuing my own dreams and having the family and extended family who supports us in taking care of Enzo. I am deeply grateful for being able to bring money to the household while taking care of the family. 

Such story is not new, a lot of moms, and dads have been multitasking as provider and nurturer to the family. Together these experts will be in the Hands-On Parents while Earning (H.O.P.E) Summit this coming Saturday, August 8 from 830-530PM at the 3/F AVR. PLDT Teletech Building, Boni Ave Mandaluyong City.

The Main speaker and Facilitator is the best selling author and motivational speaker Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag, an expert in designing programs  who is an expert in designing programs used locally and abroad and in helping people grow and achieve their goals, will be the main speaker and facilitator of the workshop. The other speakers in the summit include Martine de Luna, Jomar Hilario and Ginger Arboleda. De Luna is a work-at-home advocate, award winning blogger and blog coach. Hilario is the Philippines’ Internet Marketing Guru who teaches individuals how to be virtual professionals and online business owners. Arboleda is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and blogger. All the speakers are hands-on parents to their kids while running their respective businesses.

"Being able to work with a lot of flexibility has been one of the biggest blessings I have received in life," Gumap-as Dumadag shares. "I was able to witness all my children’s milestones, personally take care of them and breastfeed them because I am home almost all the time. I am able to shape my children’s character and educate them while pursuing my passions and earning through these passions. I want to share what I have learned through the years to my fellow parents so that they too can spend ample time with their children while contributing to the family income. This is my way of helping families grow and remain intact.”

The HOPE Summit is a one day workshop workshop on hands-on parenting and working smart in the new millennium seeks to inspire and teach parents how to marry hands-on parenting with earning for the family.

Below are the workshop’s objectives:
to enable parents to discover their big why in aspiring to be Hands-On Parents while Earning (HOPE).
to enable parents to come up with a clear and compelling vision for their children and for themselves as parents and as earning individuals.
to help parents to come up with a list of new habits that they can easily and consistently implement after the workshop so they can be more involved in their children’s lives.
to help parents discover ways to work smarter so they can free up more time in their schedules to bond with their children.
to inspire moms and dads to be hands-on even while earning for their families and to learn tips and strategies on how to be successful in their careers/businesses through the stories of the featured moms and dads (guests) in the iHOPE Summit.
to introduce different earning options for parents while being actively involved in their children’s lives.
to give parents an opportunity to meet and interact with other parents who also want to become H.O.P.E. (Hands-On Parents while Earning).

The workshop is valued at P3,500 per head at least but Gumap-as Dumadag wanted to help as many families as she can; so, she found a way to make the workshop more affordable to parents. Thus, attendees get a 43% discounted rate even as they pay the regular rate of P2,000 per head. Couples are encouraged to attend together through the couple rate of P3,000 only. Click here to read more details about the summit and to register to this life-changing event.

The H.O.P.E. Summit is co-presented by Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services, Sun Life Financial and PLDT Home Telpad. Participants of the summit will get a chance to win exciting prizes during the raffle from its sponsors which include Indigobaby, The Beadlady, Mommyfide PH, Bert Lozada Swim School, Gymboree Play and Music Philippines and Halo Philippines. One of the prizes to be raffled off is a free annual membership to Gymboree Play and Music Philippines worth P2,000! Winning this will not only translate into savings but many precious bonding moments for the lucky parent and child. Participants will also receive freebies like P500 gift certificates from Lozada Swim School, copies of Mustard magazine for kids and so much more.   

For updates about the H.O.P.E. Summit, please like and visit

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