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Monday, September 29, 2014

Teaching Moment: This too shall pass

Hello dear readers, today I decided to start a teaching moment post on my blog. This will comprise of random thoughts or advices I believe in and give to other people, and especially to my students.

So this week my teaching moment thought is THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

I learned about this quote when I was in college. I dont remember what exactly the situation was but it was something I told a friend who was going through some rough times in her relationship.

Up until now I repeat this to myself when I am confronted with difficulties. But what does this mean?

Well, in tagalog its translated into "Lilipas din yan" or "Matatapos din yan".  Fortunately, everything does end, it might not be the ending that we want but it does happen eventually. This, however, is not something negative but more on how we should look at our struggles.

Case in point 1: When you fall as a kid, you may be bruised but you will get up. Maybe you would ge hysterically crying or immediately running to your parents, but as soon as you dont feel the pain anymore, you go back to playing.

Case in point 2: First heartbreak. At that moment you might you feel useless, worthless, and hopeless but after a few unreplied messages, missed calls and hurtful situations, you'll decide to let it pass.

Case in point 3: At work you were reprimanded or you reprimanded someone. After all the intense feeling you'd feel your anger passing.

I could give you a lot more but I wont spoonfeed you on that. Reflect on your daily grind and you will realize that all things pass. Everything changes. We have to learn how to best deal with the situation and evaluate on its permanency in our lives. If we find that it will stay for a longer period of time, then that is the time we make a move. As I read in the book Tuesdays with Morrie, when you feel something whether happiness or sadness or any feeling for that matter, feel it deeply, dwell on it, but after that dwelling, you have to let go of the feeling and hold on to the learning. The learnings will never pass, only the moment.

Remember, this too shall pass, and we grow stronger because of it. :)

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