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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reasons why you'll bring your Kids to Kids Workshop, Greenhills

How are you wonderful people? Its another day and we have just survived yet another storm or habagat. Typhoon Mario has been challenging but knowing us Filipinos as being resilient we can carry the weight it brought again.

Okay, so on a lighter note, my baby and I with my sister and nephew was given a chance to try Kids Workshop in Greenhills last Sept 14, Sunday.  Kids workshop is an indoor play area and children's activity center at Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills.

10 Reasons to Bring your Kids to Kids Workshop, Greenhills

1. Variety of Toys
I was with Enzo the whole time during the stay so I got to see the toys available in the play area. I'd say there were a lot and wide variety of toys both for boys and girls. Kids have a lot of options to choose from, from puzzles to lego and megablocks to kiddie rides and computer games. There are about 4 areas in the main floor while 2 areas upstairs. There were also 3 computers available for gaming. 

2. Lots of Books
It was very nice to see a lot of books in the play area as well. The books are all covered with plastics and are somehow still in a good condition. There were also available books in the second floor and a reading table where kids can sit down and read. They also have a wide variety of books for all ages of kids. 

3. Activities for the Body

As any indoor play area, Kids' Workshop offers area for climbing, jumping, running and sliding. They have two indoor slides, a small and big one. They also have stairs, hanging bridge and a ship-like area where kids can play pretend or just practice their skills.

4. Arts and Crafts Cause its more than just play

What's really exciting and impressive about Kids workshop is that they have kids arts and crafts. There were artworks displayed in the front desk that gave me thrills. Its fun knowing there are other available things to do than just endless playtime that could somehow bore some kids. The art and crafts area was in one side of the play area and tables and chairs were provided as well.  Enzo and Miguel was also given an art kit of a snake, though we were not able to do it there we were allowed to take it home. Such a nice treat, right?

5. Safe, secure and clean area.
The area was made safe with foam mats on the floor and the sides of the walls. There are also available rubber slippers for use in the comfort rooms. The staff were also in the area to look over the kids playing in the activity center.

6. Food for Hungry Kids
Anytime the kids would feel hungry, there are available food for sale inside. The snacks are varied from chips to biscuits and cookies. There are also drinks available but they can also eat their own baon if they have. 

7. Accommodating and Respectful Staff

I love the staff there! The minute we walked in we already felt at home and at ease. I never felt intimidated by the staff and people. It was as if we were already regular customers although it was just our first time. The front desk staff (sorry, I forgot to ask your name) was also very courteous not only to us but to the other customers as well. She made sure that all customers felt valued and cared for even if she had to accommodate a lot of clients at a time. She also explained everything to us before we went in. We had a very smooth transaction before and after our play time.

While the staff inside the play area was also remarkable. They were fluent in English and Tagalog which was great because they can communicate to kids who speak in any language. They also made sure that all children were taken cared for and given attention especially when the need arises. I've seen one kid who cried because he was not able to go inside the tunnel and the staff immediately talked to him and calmed him down. There was also another incident wherein there was this kid named Echo who wanted to carry Enzo but the staff were able to talk to him so he would not bother Enzo anymore. It went for many times until one of the staff explained to me that Echo was special. It was a good move for them because they assured me and Enzo that we can still enjoy our stay. 

8. Unlimited play
Their unlimited play costs Php410 and what's great about it is that the kids can go back anytime within the day. That's good news for parents who would like to shop around greenhills, or those who want to have "couple time" and date, or catch up with friends while their kids play. Its a win-win situation for families because parents can do their thing and kids can too

9. Its a Party venue too!
If you are in search of a unique or educational party for your kids, Kids Workshop also provides exclusive party packages for your kids. They have two party packages which can includes play party and play and art party for 30 kids. 

10. Your kids can be members of Kids FunClub
Luckily for us, Enzo was given free membership in the KidsFUNClub. (1) Being a member has a lot of perks like discount coupons for KidsPlay, KidsArt, KidsParties, KidsPlayDates. (2) Members will also have a FREE unlimited KidsPlay coupon which can be used any day during the member's birth month. (3) Celebrate birthdays and get 15% off plus additional 5% off. You can choose from Play Party or Play + Art Party. (4) Priority booking and early bird discounts are also given and, (5) May attend the annual KidsFUNclub Get2Gether at 75% off. Such a wonderful treat right?    

Althought we had a blast during our stay here are some suggestions I'd like to make so that Kids Workshop can better improve their services:
*Sort out toys and remove toys that are broken to avoid accidents. 
*Put additional foams on the activity center like stairs, slides, etc.
*If possible, don't sell chips or junk foods so kids can stay healthy. 
*Consistently clean up toys when kids are in workshop or in arts and crafts.

All in all, the stay was fun  and Enzo and Miguel definitely enjoyed it. Now we have more reason to go back to Greenhills and be assured that Enzo can stay somewhere safe and secured. 

For more information, Kids Workshop  is located at 2/F Shoppesville Arcade Greenhills Shopping Center. 
You can call them at: (02) 723 0932, 0917 599 5324.
You can also visit their official website at
Email them at:
Like them on facebook:

Thank you again, Kids Workshop and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for this opportunity!

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