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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Surf Inspired Party: How to Make Your Own Pick-A-Prize Game

One of the activities that we did during my son's birthday was the Pick-A-Prize game. It is inspired by the childhood games called "Pabunot". I often did it in one of the stores after school. The game was to pick a number, where each number has a corresponding prize.

Enzo's Surf's Up, Dudes Pick-a-Prize version:

Materials Needed:

1/4 Illustration board
double sided tape
Cut-outs from wrapping papers
Orange cartolina
Orange and blue colored papers

Step 1:  Measure the illustration using the cutout wrapping papers, Make sure there are enough spaces for the header and the cutouts. Put double sided tape, use the thinnest tape available. 

Step 2:  Plot the cutouts before pasting them to avoid errors.

Step 3: Put symbols at the back of the paper. Count the number of prizes with its corresponding symbols. 
Ours are from 1 to 35. 

Symbols are: 
ENZO = 3 Major prizes (loom band kits)
STAR = 2 prizes (fish erasers)
Smiley = 3 Stamp and stamp pad
Heart = Pencils
Try Again 

Step 4:  Place the cutouts while plotting out the arrangement of the symbols. 

Step 5: Finish placing all the cutouts and you're almost done!
Step 6: Prepare your print outs of numbers and label. Put an orange header on the board. 
Cut all numbers and paste it on the cut outs.

Step 7: All done and ready for the party!

Here's the in action photo of the Pick-a-rize station at Enzo's party:

I hope you enjoyed the idea and if ever you decide to do it on your parties, please let me know too!:) 

Thanks and hope to see you here again!:)

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  1. This is an easy DIY for parties and even for visual aids! Haha. Gumagana ang pagkateacher sa mga ganyan noh? If you don't mind sis, where are you teaching. I remember you said you're working part time during Saturdays. How about daily?



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