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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Part 1: Gift Ideas for Kids 0 - 1 year old below Php500

Hello there, beautiful creatures! This is my pre-Christmas post because I usually start my  gift listing and shopping when September comes. It makes the shopping a lot more fun for me because I get to have more time to search for gifts for my loved ones. It makes budgeting easier as well because the expenses are spread for four months.

Here's some of gift ideas I think can be useful or functional for babies age 0 - 1 year or even maybe until their preschool. So if you are having a hard time finding that perfect gifts read more now!:)

Clothing Needs 

1. Cloth Diaper (Approximately Php400) - There are a lot of brands that offer cloth diapers now. There are a lot of these in the malls and more in online shops. What's nice about cloth diapers is its very efficient, effective and cost-worthy. You get to save a huge amount of money just by using it and at the same time helping the environment. Who does not love practicality and savings, right?

2. Bibs (Php 90 -150) - There are a lot of cute bibs now and its really useful for babies or until they reach their toddler years. At first it can be used as burping cloth, when they reach 6mos for feeding time, as they age you could use it while babies are teething. Its really practical and it can be a fashion statement and they come in different cute designs.

3. Socks or Footsies  (Php 90 - 150) -This is useful for babies and toddlers because they can't wear slippers or shoes yet. I'd also suggest buying Shoes with rubber at the bottom for walking purposes.

4. Onesies - ( Php50 - Php400) I love onesies. They look so cute in onesies especially with cute designs or funny statements. There are a lot of onesies available in malls but there are also cheap but quality onesies in bazaars or online. I'd suggest Circle C in Visayas Avenue and Hello Baby at Bel-Air Makati

5.Busha pants (Php 100-Php300) I enjoy using this for my baby every time its cold or its raining. I also
bring it with us in out-of-town vacations to prevent mosquito bites. It's very soft and can be used to protect our babies legs and knees when they start crawling.

6. Terno sleepwear. (Php150 - 300) I love terno clothes. I think babies and kids look so cute and put together with terno sleepwear or clothes. So these type of clothes can really be useful and practical gifts.

Thank you and I would love to hear from you!:)

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