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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making your Passion your Profession

I have been teaching for eight years. In my blogging world, I don't think I have been given this the limelight it deserves. It was only this few months that I realized that my teaching journey can also be an interesting topic here in my blog. I just remembered during the iBlog Summit 10 when a teacher asked in the forum if science teachers can also blog or if they have a space in the blogging world. I have also read blogs of teachers and I am more inspired to write my Teaching Story too.

So let me start with this topic: Make your Passion your Profession.

I teach first year students in a college here in Manila. The subject is about college survival and tips, and one of the topics is finding their reason for being in college. Some of them are still confused with the courses that they have but there are also some who are already decided on their courses. In order to teach the lesson to my classes, I make them watch this movie: 3 Idiots.

If you have not watched it, I suggest you do now. It's a highly relate-able movie if you are in or have been in college. It showed a lot of issues that surrounds the education system not only in India but in general. There are also other issues displayed like poverty, unemployment, and bullying. 

One of the lessons I highlight in the movie is in finding the one they truly love. This is not the romantic side but more on the job or work they will get after college. The movie's message is "Making your Passion your Profession" as what the main characters did in the story.

I won't spoil the movie to you as I believe you will watch it eventually. ;) 

So anyway, I agree with the message that in anything that we do, it is important that we find joy and love in doing it. Even if its for school, for work or for family, doing something that makes us happy makes any work easy.

I am produ to say that I have found my passion and that is teaching. I never really knew I would end up teaching but I guess this is where I am meant to be. I love to teach not only as my job but in anywhere, anything and to anyone. I learned make up and I taught a group of staff in  our school some of the things I know. I also taught kids during summer beaded slippers that I did when I was still a bum. When I think about my childhood and past it all boils down that I am a teacher and this is my passion.

Not all people are lucky or blessed enough to be working with their passion. I am grateful that I have been able to passionately teach and impart whatever knowledge I know.

Have you found your passion? Share with me how you found it and how you're living it.:) 

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