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Friday, September 26, 2014

EVENTS: #DinnerforCarlisle on September 27 at Buffet 101, Eastwood

Hi there lovely readers! How's the week so far? My weekend just started so I have more time to bond with my baby boy and blog at the side. *wink wink*. See, I love children, I enjoy seeing them walking, running, and playing around. I find joy with talking and playing with them because I learn a lot about them and myself as well. This was even proven more when I had my first baby. I knew I was meant to be a mommy and I now have a bigger purpose for living.

So it really hurts me seeing children who are struggling with any kind of sickness. We had that one time when Baby E was confined to the hospital due to Pneumonia, it was one of the scariest days of my life. I could not imagine being worried for a longer period of time.

Today, I'll tell you a story of Carlisle, it's a story of strength of a child and his family. This is a story written by his mom:
Carlisle Von Patrick was born as a healthy bouncing baby boy on the morning of March 31st, 2012. Being a single mom who carried him for the whole nine months by myself, I was so overwhelmed that he came out as healthy as I prayed for. Crying out loud, rosy cheeks, birthmark. Everything seems to be perfect. I make sure that he'll not be hurt, no insect will bite him. He was present on monthly check-ups, up-to-date with his vaccines.
On his fourth month, my world froze when we rushed him to ER due to viral meningitis. I thought that would be the end of my unexplainable happiness in life, but thank God that my boy survived.
Series of follow-ups and tests were done and since then, we were in and out of the hospital due to his inconsistent nausea, vomiting, and fever. Doctors thought that his meningitis came back, until one decided to do cranial ultrasound on him, and everything weakens me after that.
Carlisle Von Patrick has been diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma (brain tumor) last February 2013 after his MRI procedure and went on brain surgery to remove the tumor last June 2013 at University of Santo Tomas Hospital. His life was saved, but his eyesight wasn't. He's undergoing constant follow up checks to maintain healthy living. Last update that we had is he needs to go for another surgery because the tumor is getting bigger again.
This is not yet a happy ending, a lot of people are praying that he would be able to find his own happy ending after living his life fully. You can be part of his story and his journey by joining the #DinnerForCarlisle on the 27th of September at Buffet 101, Eastwood branch. It is priced at Php1,100 for adults and Php600 for kids 3.5 ft and above. Children below the height limit is free of charge. Part of the sales will be for Carlisle's hospital  funds.
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You can also deposit your donations through these channels under Account Name: Marie Ruth C Berma: ? BPI - Account# 0489653699 ? BDO - Account# 005000045298 ? LBC Pera Padala (details by request) We also have setup a GoFundMe account for him, which is For more details, please like or you can message Mommy Marie at or 09398836164.

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