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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Parents' Cry: Support the Servando Act now!

Since I became a mom to a baby boy, one of the many worries that I have is if I can be able to raise a principled and value-based child. This is because as a college teacher I have encountered the worst mannered kind of students and I would often blame their parents for how they behave. It suddenly changed when I became a parent because now I understand the other side of the fence.
What I only pray for and hope is that my husband and I be able to guide our son every step of the way without making him feel controlled. I would want to be able to talk and communicate with my son with whatever he is doing or feeling. I want us to be the first ones he goes to for any advice or support that he might need or that he feels secure that he can share everything to us.
In the news recently was sad news about Guillo Servando, a college student who died of hazing. I followed the story and I can feel the anger, frustration, and hopelessness of his parents. For more on this case you may visit this link. 
Guillo Servando News: 

This is NOT the first. This has happened before but most of these cases are unresolved. This is a matter that parents should be concerned of.  A matter wherein everyone should have a stand on. As a parent, I would like my son to be able to join organizations and/or groups that interests him but which will not endanger him. I want to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that my son has chosen the right set of friends or that he is with good company. A group or organization that will value him as a person and will never hurt him just to make him one of them.

What is the Servando Act?

House Bill (HB) 4714 proposes for the total ban of hazing in school organizations, fraternities and sororities. It does not ban, however, any initiation rites but makes organization and schools more accountable to the law. It repeals the Anti-Hazing law that only regulates these practices. The proponent of this law Valenzuela Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian, emphasized that the Anti-Hazing Law remains toothless as proven by the incidences of death during initiation. Thus, the law would impose heavier penalties and provisions of damages to families. Included in the provisions as well are the guidelines to conducting initiation rites wherein the school's participation is highlighted. It is provided that school adviser's should be present during the initiation rites. 

For more information on the Servando Act, here are some useful links:

As a parent, I am supporting the Servando Act to be able to limit the powers of organizations, fraternities, and sororities. To find a clean guidelines as to how to conduct initiations rites. I also agree with putting accountability where it should be. Being able to pinpoint people or groups behind any organizations will secure parents like me.

There have been many lives affected by hazing. Let us do our share to stop it as early as now. No to Hazing! Suppor the Servando Act

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