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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bibibons: 5 Easy Ways to Feed your Baby

Recently, I received a package from Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco) and in it was Bibbibons biscuits.
I have seen it before in the grocery and I am so thrilled to make my baby try this new biscuit. He really loves breads, biscuits, and cookies so I was really looking forward to make him eat it. 

Bibibons is the first local baby biscuit and cereal-in-one especially formulated for babies who are starting to eat solid food. It has the taste and texture which baby will definitely love. What is good about Bibibons is that it can be enjoyed two ways - as a finger food and as an instant meal. This really got me excited because its like purchasing two food in one. 

There are 6 packs of Bibibon's inside the box with 4 biscuits each pack. The box also has Nutritional value written on the sides, trivia and instructions for preparation of the biscuit. 

As mentioned earlier, Bibibon's can be eaten as a finger food or an instant meal. My baby enjoyed whatever way it was given to him. He enjoys that he is able to hold it in his hands and eat it on his own.

I also tried giving it as an instant meal. Here I'll show you how to prepare Bibibon's as an instant meal. 

Step 1: Put Bibibon's in the red bowl, and put milk or hot water. I used milk for my son's meal. 

Step 2: Mix until you reach the consistency you like. Make sure to feed it to your baby immediately to prevent spoilage. 

It's that simple and easy to make two meals for our babies, right? But here's more, I was so into the idea of using Bibibon's to create different meals so I tried three more ways to spice it up. 

Chocolate coated Bibibon's 

Step 1: Melt chocolate chips in a cup using Baine-Marie method. (Using hot water to melt)
Step 2: Deep Bibibon's in the melted chocolate halfway, freeze or eat immediately. 

Peanut Butter Bibibon's Sandwich

Step 1: Spread peanut butter on Bibibon's and put another one to layer. 
Step 2: Enjoy!

Bibibon's Banana Instant Meal

Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of it because my niece immediately ate it. hihi That's how yummy Bibibon's are because they just could not resist it.

Step 1: Put hot water or milk.
Step 2: Mix until you reach the consistency you like
Step 3: Put in mashed banana (or any fruit you'd like) and mix.

What's even better is that it's really good for our babies and children. It has Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium that supports body development. Has Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin C that supports a healthy immune system. Vitamin A, C, D & E, Folic Acid, Iron & other essential nutrients for baby's proper health and development. 

Bibibon's is available in all supermarkets and groceries nationwide. Price of Bibibons is at Php36.00 only. So mommies, try one now and discover the delicious taste of Bibibon's biscuit nibblers. 

You can like them on their facebook page here: Bibibons FB Page
For more information about other products of Rebisco, you may visit their official website here: Rebisco Official Site

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