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Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Time Parents Workshop Series By Manila Workshops

There is no better way to be prepared for a new addition to the family by being equipped with all necessary information and get educated as much as we can as parents. Manila Workshops offer a FIRST TIME PARENTS SERIES this March 2015. It is a 3 part workshop for expecting moms and parents that will assist in a new journey called parenthood.

First Part: Preparing for Baby's Birth Day
A half-day session that will teach you everything to know about your child's delivery day a.k.a The Big Day

 Event Details:
March 7, Saturday 1:00 -5:00PM
Venue: Best for Families, Inc. Headquarters #29 1st Street New Manila, Quezon City
Learning Fee: Regular Rate: P350, Couple Rate: P600
Please use my referral code too: TYJ FTP1

Second Part: Basic First Aid: Lecture and Demonstration about Basic First Aid
The intensive 4-hour lecture and demonstration will be conducted by Philippine Red Cross.  Philippine Red Cross is a premier humanitarian organization in the country, committed to provide quality life-saving services that protect the life and dignity especially of indigent Filipinos in vulnerable situations.

 Event Details:
MArch 14, Saturday 1:00 - 5:00PM
Best for Families, Inc. Headquarters #29 1st Street, New Manila QC.
Learning Fee: 
Regular Rate: P600
Couple Rate: Php1000
Please use my referral code too: TYJ FTPBFA1

 Third Part: What to Know Before Giving Birth
A half-day workshop that aims to help parents for the big day. 
Topics include:
What to expect during visits to your OBGYN
Pregnancy Nutrition
Pain Management    

Event Details: March 28, Saturday 1:00-5:00PM
Venue: Best for Families, Inc Headquarters #29 1st street New Manila, Quezon City
Learning Fee: Regular Rate: P350, Couple Rate: P600 
Please use my referral code too:  TYJ FTPWGB_1

 You may register here: 


  1. Kainis, laging conflict sa sched. Super like ko yung First Aid and Disciplining Your Toddler. Kaso may something ako nun sa work. :(

    1. awww.sayang naman. Baka may second round pa ito by this year.:)

  2. Sayang naman late ko na to nabasa :( anyway meron pa naman next time :)

  3. Sis please let me know if may ganto pang event in the future.. Am at FB BP.. minsan kase di ko na nakikita sa feeds ko



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