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Sunday, March 8, 2015

TMA's Parents Conference: Set Them Up for Success

As our little ones transition from infancy to toddler years, the growth of their brains is at a fast rate. It means that they absorb very well and could learn as much as they are taught. Although this is their nature, it is but important that they get the right stimulation in order to maximize this time in their life.

Given that, parents and caregivers have the biggest role in the development of children. It is fact that the family is the first classroom of a child. It is where the child learns basic concepts, values, and discipline that would be useful when they socialize with other people.

As the home is where a child learns first and foremost,the concept of homeschooling is prevalent. Many parents have seen the significance and advantage of homeschooling.

Admittedly, I have a lot to learn about Homeschooling. Although I was raised and educated in traditional school I am very interested in understanding what homeschooling and its difference from traditional school.

Fortunately, TMA will hold their 2015 Parents Conference entitled "Set Them Up For Success." This event is set to enlighten and inspire parents to raise their children to become happy, responsible, productive adults and leaders "wherever they are planted." It will run for a whole day and will consist of keynote topics like "Set Them Up for Success" and "Catching your Child's God-given Bents for Success". Keynote speakers are Edric Mendoza and Jayson Lo.

Mr. Edric Mendoza is a homeschooling father of five, the president of the Homeschoolers Association of the Philippine Islands and lead anchor of ANC's On the Money. Mr. Jayson Lo is a known inspirational speaker in the country and is the author of Younique:Understanding Others by Understanding You, a book about how personality styles help identify one's strengths and weaknesses.

 Aside from keynote talks, the conference will also feature workshops on character education, multi-level homeschooling, homeschooling through high school, adjusting teaching strategies for effecting learning, and celebrating dads who homeschool. Participants may also opt to attend a Q&A forum where TMA Homeschool will answer questions about homeschooling in the Philippines. Speakers for these sessions are seasoned homeschoolers Donna Simpao, Millona Barraca, Bles de Guzman, Joy Mendoza, and Dennis Sy. Participants may choose one track for each talk happening simultaneously.

Good news right? But here's something even better. If you would like to attend this event happening on March 12, 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center, Mandaluyong City, you can have a chance to get one FREE slot from TMA, Manila Workshops, and the Learning Basket

Here's the simple mechanics:
1. Like TMA's Facebook Page:
2. Like my Facebook Page:
3. Comment below: Full name, Email Address and facebook name used to like the pages.

Simple right? So join and let's learn about homeschooling together.

For more info about the event, you may go to this link:

Rate for the event is at free for TMA members and Php500 for non TMA members.


  1. Hi Jho, cannot be found yung page. Anyhow, liked these two pages before and joining.

    Ma. Yvette Heart Calimlim
    FB name used: Ma. Yvette Heart Calimlim

  2. This was my second time attending NY events at this place, and was my first business event here (the other event was a charity show). Everything was perfect, the drinks and food was amazing. Even the coffee was wonderful.



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