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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Celebrity Mom Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan Birthday Celebration with Mommy Bloggers

Have you ever dreamed about celebrating your birthday like a celebrity? Or have you wondered how superstars celebrate their special day? Well, I was blessed to be one of the lucky Mommy bloggers to party like a celebrity last March 17 at Nurture Wellness Village Tagaytay.

Curious how to party like a celebrity? Here's what transpired that stressfree and refreshing day.

The day started early in the morning anda travel to Tagaytay. The ride on the way was already fun as we all made kwento for the entire travel time. It was exciting as we knew we would get pampered for the day.

The Perfect Venue.

I have known about Nurture Spa for so long, and heard nothing but great stories about the place.  The road leading to the village already reflects a serene and isolated place inside. Once inside the staff greeted us with sweet smiles and hot teas. Tune in to my blog for more details about Nurture Wellness Village cause it deserves one separate post.:)

The Setup

The entire place screamed rest and relaxation. There were greens and natural lighting around which the cold breeze made more refreshing. We got the chance tour the whole village and the farm even. It was so informative and practical. Everything about the village was also consistent with its concept of wellness and healthy lifestyle.

Informative Talks

Understanding and managing stress talk was given by Mr. Anthony Pangilinan. It was short and sweet but every word was significant. He explained  why people feel stressed most of the time and that is because of demands vs ability.

Another talk was given by Ms. Catherine Brillantes-Turvill, the owner of Nurture Spa, a Certified Work-Site Specialist, and Health and Wellness Coach, on the Powers of Oils and Massage Theraphy

After which, we were asked to make our own massage oils by combining different oils and essences. It was a mix of grapeseed oil, lavander, sweet orange, and cedarwood. The combination had a relaxing scent to it.

This then led to the long awaited pampering massage. We were given a whole body massage outdoors. It was a long overdue massage I wanted.

The massage was the highlight of the day and we could not believe our eyes when we went back to the hall. We saw two bags of goodies on our seats and a delicious merienda of suman, ice cream, turon, and champorado. The day filled not only our stomach but also our mind and body. We gained a lot of knowledge on staying well and healthy.

Thank you to Celebrity Mom Philippines, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, and Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, for allowing me to be part of the celebration. I am inspired to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

Thank you to Kimberly Clark, Happy Skin, Usana, Kleenex, and Nurture Spa fora special day you prepared for us.

Happy Birthday again, Mommy Maricel!:)

What is your favorite part of the celebration?:)


  1. hi Sis.You were lucky to have attended this! I've heard a lot of good things about Nurture Spa and hopefully i can go there this year! I love the event that u attended bec of the information that you learned from the notable speakers, and those oils... naka relax talaga sya and most of all your massage and outdoor pa. Such a perfect day. Ganyan mga araw ang love ko :) Pim

  2. Wow lucky you! The pampering massage with a relaxing view is my favorite part of the event hehe Every moms stress reliever & YOU DESERVE THIS TREAT! Belated Happy Birthday!

  3. I've been seeing from fb photos about this event. However, I just read the whole experience from you. It's great to attend events like this where you will gain knowledge on staying healthy. It's been so long since I last attended a blog event. I miss going back to the Metro and attending one.

  4. Waaaa bakit di ko alam ang event na ito? Di pa rin tyo nagmmeet hehe. You are lucky to meet ms. Maricel and sir anthony, they are a very good tandem of inspirational couple.



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