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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maginhawa StrEAT Park: The Street to Eat

I have always wanted to try eating at Maginhawa Street in Quezon City because of all the noise it has been making recently. Some of my relatives have also nothing but great stories about restos in the area, so an invitation to visit Maginhawa Street was something I did not want to miss. Thanks, Sam for the invitation!

When I learned about Maginhawa StrEAT Park, I first thought of it as a STREET food park like a festival type they did before, so when we arrived in the roads of Maginhawa street, I was a little worried that we might have missed the event. Then I saw #91 Maginhawa street with lots of people inside and a bonfire! Yes, that was my landmark because the invite said there'll be a bonfire.

Before I share my experience, let me tell you about StrEAT Park first,

StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park is a mother-daughter business run by Ms. Kitty and Chesca Del Castillo. Originally planned to be a building, they explored other options to utilize the space. Kitty's experience in food industry (creator of Starr's Famous Shakes) made for a perfect match with the concept and business model crafted by her daughter, marketing planner and graphic designer.

And can I just say, they make a great team because Streat is such a nice idea than a building. Once inside the food park you be transported to another world where people just enjoy food, company, music, and arts. They have four (4) food trucks and seven (7) food containers all with varied and different dish to offer. As Cheska said during the event they made sure that there will be no similar food offerings so that people can have more options and the sellers/owners will not have to compete with each other. The park offers specialty coffee, bread, ice cream, burgers, sizzling plates, secret sauces and cutlets and smoothies.

But StrEAT is more than just a Food Park. It aims to be a platform for and convergence point of budding, start-up, emerging community of artists and entrepreneurs. Food is just part of the actual experience. Built to be an actual 620sqm mini park, the space encourages cultural culmination through various socials and activities. It is an active environment that is all about celebrating artistic sensibilities. 

This is another unique thing about Streat Park because there are no commercial food/resto present, almost all of the  restos are owned by Filipinos either friends, families or business partners. There is so much diversity and passion for food and arts that it reflects in the whole environment. You'll see people talking to each other (they don't have wifi), people singing near the bonfire, kids running around, owners/sellers mingling with customers, and people just enjoying food and each other's company. 

 Here are a list of restos you might want to try once you give them a visit:

1. Me Love You Long Time

A gastronomic  tour of South East Asia from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, and the other neighboring countries. With a branch already existing in Malingap, MLYLT has expanded their  menu from Vietnamese to South East Asian cuisine especially for Streat.

2. The Soulfood Truck

An all Creole and Cajun comfort food served with a spice of curated soul music. The husband and wife run the truck. The concept stemmed from their love for the Southern US.

3.  Great Burgers

The best burgers in town with all meat and no extenders plus they have their own recipe for the patty and the sauces. 

So among the 9 restos I can try there I only got the chance to try three which is not so bad because it got me full to my liking. I will surely go back and bring my family and friends because another thing that I love about it is that its a wholesome place where every member of the family is welcome and would have fun. No alcoholic drinks are served in the food park, and a spacious place is available for kids to roam around. Its really is just a place to create and share ideas. 

Have you been to Streat: Maginhawa Food Park? What did you like most? Or if you have not been there yet, what would you like to visit there? Comment away and share them with me!:) 


  1. This is so nice! Since I was not able to join the bloggers' event for this, I sent my officemate (also a blogger) to attend. He said the place was very cool and it's like Mercato here in BGC. Actually, we were talking about it last night while leaving the office and he said that he loves the freedom wall-like for artists. He's niche is into fashion and arts tho. :) Too bad, it's really far from me. Hehe

  2. Will try this soon. I used to frequent Maginhawa last year so good to know may bago na naman mapupuntahan :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Parang Banchetto din. Good to hear this, mas malapit sa place namen and I can bring my kids here.

  5. I like the concept of the bonfire in the blocks for marshmallows. It sound like a very wonderful night. I hope I can visit those type of places soon.

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