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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Zomato 101: Discover Great Places to Eat around Metro Manila

If you are my friend in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page, you might notice me posting about Zomato and my food journey. As I have previously said in some of my posts, I'm not an adventurous type of person when it comes to eating.

BUT, when I found Zomato, I learned to be more curious and enjoy seeking good food and new restaurants. Zomato is a great place to unleash your FOODIE skills!

Why you'll love Zomato?
1. Reviews of a variety of restaurants in Metro Manila
2. Easy to use application, whether in the PC or Phones. 
3.It has Presenting Collections on the side like Trending this Week, Newly Opened, Super Sushi, etc. 
4. View scrumptious food photos. 
5. Meet foodies like you.
6. Be invited to Foodie Meetups
7. You don't necessarily need to be a blogger to do reviews.
8. You have a goal of being an expert on different locations.
9. Document your food journeys.
10. Enjoy great food!

Add me and let's enjoy our food journey!!!:) 

1 comment:

  1. I hope Zomato will extend here in the provinces. Been seeing a lot of bloggers saying they're part of the Zomato group. Sa dami ko nang nakainan na resto, I guess I'll have high scores or points for all the visits I've done. But I don't have that to track it.



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