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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Be Summer Ready with these Quick Fix by Skin Philosophie Part 1

Summer is one of the highlights of every year. Family outings, getaways, team buildings are some of the events that we look forward to every time the summer months come in. We look forward to spending time with our families and friends in different tourist spots in the country. And speaking of tourist spots, beaches and resorts, are one of the most popular go to places.

But, the summer also brings about some embarrassing and worry-full moments on the beach. I am sure a lot of people have one or two of these problem areas that cannot be avoided to be seen in public. These are hairs in the underarm areas and of course, fats! Luckily, Dr.Kyla Talens of Skin Philosophie has the answer to these summer-related problems.

I shall have a four part blog post about the new Quick Fix promo of Skin Philosophie to help you get ready to strut your body this summer. First of is the one area most people get ashamed or conscious of, whether your a male or female, this one's really hard to get rid of. As a mom, I get conscious about going to the beach this summer because I still have my post pregnancy fat. I tried working out and eating healthy but it gets frustrating at times.

That's my belly during my last trimester. 

If you are waiting for a post pregnancy shotof my tummy, sorry but I might as well disappoint you. I don't have the courage to show it to you.. yet. hihi. Not after I get one of Skin Philosophie's Fat-Burning Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is delivered to the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue to increase their metabolism. Localized fat deposits are reduced by releasing fatty acids (liquid fat) which are subsequently disposed of naturally from the system through the blood and lymphatics. Fat cells eventually shrink leading to reduction in circumference of the treated area. RF also reduces cellulite. Further, it tightens the skin through stimulation of natural collagen production. That way, sagging is minimized as you slim down.

Skin Philosophie now offers 80% off on Fat Burning RF Treatment per body part per session. Their regular rate is Php2,800 per session per body part but their giving it this summer only at Php560per session per body part. They guarantee visible results after the first treatment but it is highly encouraged and advised to get atleast 6 - 10 sessions for best results. Click below to get your promo code and let's start getting the beach body we deserve!

For more information about Skin Philosophie, visit them on
You may also find out more of their services by clicking here:

Located at The Fort Strip, 3rd Level 28th street corner 7th avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
You may call 0917 886 0646, 0917 890 6800, 02-211, 8762, 2158080,856 7451 for bookings or inquiries.
I am an accredited online lead generator for Skin Philosophie.


  1. Is the tummy considered as 1 body part already o baka naman iba pa presyo sa harap at gilid ng tyan? #tempted hahaha

  2. One of my concern when I become a mom of my own in the future is how to maintain my body. I'm thin but not really skinny and most of my colleagues said that my body is the type that will get fat after post pregnancy. Did you exercised or did anything after pregnancy to maintain again your body?

    1. I did nagwork out ako after giving birth mga cardio and takbo lang. I also ate lightly and properly kaso until now I have the fats on my sides yung muffin top. hihi yun yung nahihirapan ako.

    2. Try blogilates sis on Instagram for muffin tops exercise. I found Cassie's tutorial to be really helpful in exercising. I actually feel their effective but it's really tiring nga lang. Pilates moves kasi.

  3. Buti wala ka strecth marks, Jho? Yun ang nakaka-badtrip ee. Tried several creams for stretch marks, wa epek. Kelangan talaga mga medical/laser/RF treatment ang kelangan para makita mo result. Kasi halos ganun din ee kung iipunin mo mga pambili ng expensive creams, na matagal naman umepekto, ee di magpatreatment na mismo na lang ng ganyan di ba

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