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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Breakout Manila:The Zombie Room Experience

If you are a movie buff or a zombie apocalypse fanatic then you probably have watch World War Z, Zombieland, and I Am Legend among many other movies in that genre. But do you know what I have in common with Brad Pitt, Will Smith and other stars starring in those movies? You guessed it, encounter with Zombies. Yes you read that right? I have experienced real life zombies and to make matters worst, they have arrived here in the country... Trinoma to be exact!!!

Okay, before you panic and bring out your zombie-apocalypse-lifesaver-bags, hear me out first.

Breakout Manila brings to Trinoma their new mystery attraction The Zombie Room.

How does it work?
You are given 30 minutes inside a room with a Zombie, and you either escape the room or be eaten alive.

Fear not, because everything that you might need to survive your ordeal with the zombie is inside the room. To make the game thrilling you need to solve how to escape thru clues and materials available for you.

Before you enter the room, (that is if you have collected all the courage to enter it) you will be oriented by accommodating staff of Breakout Manila. Listen to their instructions so you would know what to initially. You would also be asked to sign a waiver, so I suggest read it well.

After that you'll spend an entire 30 minutes to escape the room or be bait to a deprived zombie. Here are some tips you might want to bring with you on your ordeal:

1. Calm your heart and mind. Your mind can play tricks on you so make sure you bring a steady heart and especially mind. People have escaped the room, it just depends if you CAN too.

2. Work as a group. Maximum number of people is 8 which can work either way. It can be an asset, more people more minds to think. But it can also be a liability, more people, more ideas different from each other.

3. Abandon everything you know about Zombies in the movies. Do not assume that the weaknesses of the zombies in the movies are the same in the breakout room. Get real and work within the escape room.

4. Whatever you do, DO NOT hurt the zombie. Don't even try. It's one of the rules of Breakout Manila so if fear comes to you never settle for a fist fight with the zombie.

5. Enjoy! It's the closest thing you can get to a zombie!:)

Then if you have the guts to be in one place with a zombie or you'd like o test your skills in zombie-escaping, head on to Trinoma and try Breakout Manila's The Zombie Room till March 22. Entrance is at Php300. You may book online at

PS. Thanks Adrian Benipayo for the experience!:)

 For more info like them on FB: 

Watch this video: The Zombie Room: Breakout @ Trinoma: 


  1. OMG! Di ko kaya 'to! I've seen blogger invites para dito pero di ko kineri magsignup talaga. I'm so afraid! Haha! But I think okay to para sa mga team building activities or mga barkada lalo na if they are looking for something unique to try.

  2. Gosh. I don't think I can do that. Haha. When I entered the horror house at Star City, I am joined with 5 students and other co-workers and I kept pushing them on the sides and I stayed at the center. Hahaha.. Well perhaps if I have friends with me, I'll do it.haha

  3. Yah i saw the blogger invite too for this! The walking dead lang ang peg! but's a nice activity for team/groups. Maiba naman :)



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