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Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to have a Young Looking Skin?

If I have anything to brag about, it's I always get mistaken for a college student. Many times people get surprise when I tell them my real age and I never get tired of their reactions. Aside from it runs in our blood, if you see all my relatives we look relatively young for our age, I'd share with you some of my beauty routines in having young looking age.
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1. Cleanse-Tone-Moisture
The first part of having young looking skin is to maintain clear and clean skin. To do this you need to discipline yourself in this routine. Cleansing will help your skin be free from dirt that can cause further skin problems. Toners can help in rempving residual dirt on the skin and shrink pores. It also preps the skin for moisturizers. Moisturizing the skin rehydrates it making your skin look younger. The more hydrated the skin the more softer it becomes preventing age marks or wrinkles.
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2. Have a ready Pimple fighting products.
Though I generally have clear skin, I get some pimples appear during my red days. I get frustrates with it because it usually appears on my nose and forehead. In times like these, you should have on hand pimple fighting products that work for you. There are cleansers that are made specifically for pimple fighting so you may use that as replacement to your mild cleansers. Don't ever prick your pimples as it may leave black marks after.

3. Use sunblock.
Being exposed to UV rays make the skin age faster. Even if you stay indoors most of the time it still has an effect on the skin, so put sunblock to help your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

4. Drink vitamins and water daily.
Clear and young looking skin radiates from within so keeping a healthy and clean body will definitely reflect on the skin. If you want to have a young looking skin, taking vitamins will definitely do your skin good.

5. Get skin consultation from the experts.
One of the things, I wished I did earlier in my age is to consult skin experts. I often self medicate myself before which lead to a burnt skin in my grade school years. Now, I learned an important lesson on getting advises from dermatologists and getting treatments that are suited for my skin. Getting a skin consultation even if you have clear skin can help you to understand your skin better. I know most people are intimidated to go for skin consultations so I am offering all my readers FREE consultation (except for pathological cases) from Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions.

Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyel Solution is a skin care clinic by an Aesthetic Dermatologist Dr. Kyla Talens. Their clinic do not only offer high end skin treatments but also proper lifestyle for holistic well being.
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Disclaimer: I am an accredited online lead generator for Skin Philosophie.


  1. True. You really have a younger looking skin. :)

  2. You look relatively young sis. I guess I can say I have the same experience of people calling me I look young with my age or I guess my looks just didn't suit teaching since most of my colleagues are already long on the profession,



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