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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Human Nature Faves

As you all may have known, I am a first time Mom to a very cute little boy. And I will tell you its both exciting and nerve wracking. It is an exciting experience because everyday spent with my son surely is a surprise. He always has something new to show me or a progress that he does that truly makes me so happy. It is also nerve wracking at the same time because of how delicate babies are and how dirty or chemical-full our lifestyle is at home.

I made it a point that to use safe and environment-friendly products on him. I wanted to make sure that whatever he uses will not be harsh and would not contain chemicals. I wanted to go organic. And when I think organic, there is only one brand that comes to my mind which is Human Nature.

I have come to know this brand from a colleague that works with Gawad Kalinga. If I am not mistaken they are in the same organization. Human Nature provides 100% organic products from skin care, baby care, hair care to make ups and more. What I also like about this brand is that they serve as a social enterprise for their beneficiaries. They provide livelihood to people and make them empowered. For me that is reason enough to patronize their product. 

For more information about them you might want to visit:

I have been using human nature products before I became a mom, but I would like to share products that I use now for my baby boy. 

TOP 1: Tough Love Natural Liquid Dishwashing

Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid
What I like about it is that its safe for washing my baby's bottles, pacifiers, and toys. I like its scent because its not too strong and it kinda feels fresh. I also love that its very easy to rinse but it gets the job done. it's also very cheap and it last a whole month or two. The title's cute too, right!:) 

TOP 2: Tough Love Natural Powder Detergent

Tough Love 100% Natural Powder Detergent
With this product, I never get tired of washing my baby's clothes. It has a nice fresh scent to it and I don't need to use so much of it because it cleans even with just a small amount. It also makes his clothes soft, because I don't use a fabric softener for it, its really nice that it still is soft to touch. I also feel very safe knowing that my son would not be allergic to it and would not cause rashes or other skin problems because its 100% organic. It only costs Php199.00 for a 1000gram box. 

Little Bundle of Joy

TOP 3: Natural Baby Wonder Oil
As a mom, I have found the miracles of using oil, not only on myself but more for my baby. This was actually given as a gift and I was so excited to use it. It is again 100% organic and it uses different products such as sunflower oil, coconut, and palm. When I saw that it uses sunflower oil, I was more excited. This is because I have been using their sunflower oil for so many things in example of such is on my hair, skin, etc. I use the oil specifically to message my son's legs and if he has diaper rash. I like how it easily gets absorbed by my son's skin and mine (my hands). I also like that it does not have any fragrance, it just smells like oil but without the grease. 

TOP 4: Natural Baby Wash
My baby definitely loves taking a bath, and I also love giving him baths. So it is very important for me that his experience of taking a bath would be enjoyable. With this product I am confident that it has no harsh chemicals on his skin and that the natural products would do good for his body. It's scent really smells like baby and I love that it has lavander, rosemary and chamomile. It really does make our bath time, fun time.

There are still other products that I would like to try, but with this four I am really satisfied and I'm sure my baby is as well.

So there you go, moms!  I hope you try these products and share with me as well other products you love in Human Nature.:) 

P.S. All pictures are taken from Human Nature Site.:) 

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