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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Shot to Stardom: POP TALK Guesting for January 21, 2014

Last two weeks ago, I was able to fulfill one item on my bucket list which is to be an extra in any video or film. But what I got is a better version of it!!!

I was asked to be a Mommy reviewer in GMA NEWS TV's POP Talk! It was a fun-filled day, feeling like a celebrity for a day with matching make up artist and retouches, and shopping for the entire day!!!

We reviewed three surplus stores in Manila: HALINA KABAYAN KO, INC, MSM SURPLUS DEPOT, and HAPON SURPLUS TRADING. Here are some sneak peek pictures!
With Pop Talk's Host Mr. Tonipet Gaba

Lunch at Ramon Lee

With Celebrity reviewer, Rodjun Cruz

With researcher Jane Ariane and Surplus expert Ron!

Here's the link on GMA news tv's official site:
3 surplus stores kikilatisin ng pop talk ngayong January 21

So there you go, hope you'll watch with me later tonight at 10PM!
Let's see which stores are POP or FLOP!

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