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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Challenge-FULL Month!

This year 2014, I am inspired to do so many things. To be fitter, happier, and richer. Luckily, I have found challenge or dare templates on the internet.

I started doing my FITTER challenge, which is the 30-day Ab workout challenge. Please see my previous post here for more info:

I wanted to finish this challange last December, but was not able to do so. I know, I don't have any valid reason for not being able to finish it last month. This month, however, looks promising. I'm already on my 8th day and I am determined to finish it this!

Click HERE for the copy of the 30 day Ab workout challenge!

For my 2nd goal which is to be Happier, I read this article in my other friend's blog: Reich's Kitchen about the Happy Wife-Happy Life Challenge. She's actually doing the 21 Day challenge, which you can see here: Happy Wife = Happy Life Though this is a fun challenge, I opted to do the 12 day challenge instead. Read it also on the site and it's more of a starting challenge for married couples like me and my husband. 

So what is this about?
It's a 12 day challenge for couples to do different date nights. For twelve days, couples are dared to do dates such as open air movie, workout challenges, library  trip, and more. I think this is great because it is a fun way of getting and re-getting to know your partner. As soon as my hubby agrees to it, we would do this! will update you on our progress!:) 

Lastly, is the famous 52 Week Money Challenge from Kuripot Pinay. 
You can click HERE for the full article on the challenge. 

I have always been a saver and this Money challenge will be for  a car we want as a couple. It's the third week already and it's been easy so far. 

Having all these challenges in my hands seems a little too much to handle, right? But for me, I think it would help me direct my efforts more and to achieve my goals for the year better. 

Do you have other challenges you'd like to share? Please comment them here. 

Thanks, and there you go!!!:)

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  1. I attempted to try this 52wk money challenge. It seems easy pero di ko nagawa. Una pa lang nakukupitan ko na yun nasesave ko, sasabihin ko papalitan ko sa susunod pero wala nanyare gang sa naubos haha! I think better kung iba ang magtatago nun money, i dunno. hehe



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