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Monday, January 27, 2014

BTS: Pop Talk Surplus Stores Episode (January 21, 2014) Part II

I know, it's almost a week after the show was aired, and I haven't continued wuth my Pop Talk experience. I just couldn't find the time to write about it as I work on Fridays and Saturdays and Sunday is meant for family day. But, enough of my excuses, here's the second part of Pop Talk's Surplus Store review aired January 21, 2014. For those who are asking for details you can find some useful information here!:) Thanks, and happy reading!:)

113 Quezon Avenue, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City
Contact Number: 516 42 69
Open everyday from 9:00 AM to 8:00PM

Below is a map of the store from

For those who are asking for their contact information, you may like their FB page here:
Click this ---> HALINA KABAYAN KO, INC

Okay, so this was our second stop from Hapon Surplus and I must say, this store is a lot cleaner, organizer, bigger and feels a lot safer. One really good thing I like about the store is its huge space! (AND I MEAN REALLY HUGE SPACE) They also have a parking lot inside and on the sides of the stores so it's easy access. Their store is also very well categorize. When you enter the store, on the left are electronic home appliance such as fans, kitchenwares, DVD Players, Etc. As you walk along, you would see items such as pianos, golf carts, four wheel drives and cabinets. They also have second hand gadgets such as Iphones, digital cameras, playstation and laptops. On the left side are clothes for ladies and toys for babies up to toddlers. Then of course a big table of housewares, kitchenwares, glasswares and all other home decors can be seen. As you walk further inside there's a room for computers and laptops, a room full of Manga books, anime DVDs, golf clubs and bags, suitcases, and other stuff. They also have a room for second hand branded bags, and accessories such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, Tiffany and Co, etc.

I had a difficult time going through the store but had fun because of the variety of items available. I also wanted to buy something I needed and is something pricey on other malls. Then I found what I needed and what I knew my hubby would definitely love. I found a juicer that cost Php1,200 but they gave it for Php1k.
So my verdict on this store is one big POP!!!!:)

Above is the link to our review on POP TALK, official video from

Here's some snapshots of my experience behind the scenes in Halina Kabayan Ko, Inc.

Rodjun Cruz on a Four Wheel Drive

For PHP1,000.00, this is what I got, a Juicer! Not bad, right?! I shall test it and will post a review after!:)

So, there you go, I hope my blog help you if you are ever on a look out for Japan surplus stores in Manila!:)
The last part of this Pop Talk series will be posted tomorrow! Hope you'll continue reading!:)

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