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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BTS: Pop Talk Surplus Stores Episode (January 21, 2014) Third and Final Part

The last part of my behind the scenes review on surplus store is here now! Sorry was not able to blog yesterday, cause it's my mom's birthday. My blog writing schedule is only during the night time when my baby's asleep already. (I think, I'm beginning to be a master of excuses haha!)

Oh well, here goes the third and last part of my Pop Talk guesting and the last stop is

MSM American Depot
809 EDSA cor. Scout Borromeo South Triangle 
Quezon City
929 92 21

This was my favorite store out of three. The variety of items there were really wide. From baby stuff like cribs, car seat, toys to surf boards, bikes and even incubator. I enjoyed the search for my Php1,000 find as it was more of a treasure hunting for me amidst all the chaos and distraction from all the neat finds there is. 
MSM American depot is a second hand, surplus store mostly of American brands. As I mentioned they have all sorts of products, most of them are even branded. The store however is very disorganized but they are parted into different categories. They have bikes, baby furnitures, homewares, books, shoes, clothes, furnitures, wall decors and so much more. The negative thing about it though is because it's preloved most items do not have boxes and some are already worn out. But really, when someone shops in places such as these it is expected to really go into the product to see if it still works and if it is still in good condition. If you're the type who takes time to look through a product you can be surprised at some items that are not really used. What's good about it is that they have security guards and staff around so it's very easy to inquire and they're really very accommodating. 

*Below is a map that can be found on their facebook page.

Here's some picture of the store and the neat finds you can expect to see there. Enjoy!:) 

This is from the entrance. However, this is not as noticeable outside because of all the stuff that looks like trash around it. 

I was surprised to see surf boards for sale. Though I dont really recommend surfers to buy it cause it's too rough and looks really worn out. 

Stuff for babies and toddlers. These got me pretty excited to see what's inside. 

With my co-reviewer, Ron Villagonzalo, blogger of WAHPINAS and our expert surplus hunter inside the gadget room of MSM American depot. 

 The gadget room, where gadget lovers can find treasures! There are a lot of hardwares for computers, musical instruments spare parts, cords, and antique stuff. It was a big maze and mess too!

Some other uncategorized stuff. Clothes, toys, boxes, etc.
Toys for babies and toddlers. Brands such as Vtech, Fisher Price are there. 

More toys!!!

Pre-loved board games. Some of which you can find in Barnes and Nobles in a much expensive price. You just need to check if the contents are complete cause they are no longer sealed. 

Collector's Item comic books. There are a lot of old episodes there but most of them are already opened, so it lowers the price in the market. But for collectors who like to read through them these are great!

Used shoes for men. 
There are a lot of branded shoes there like Nike, Adidas, Nine West, etc. Though I am a fan of pre loved stuff I don't recommend buying used shoes as it may cause feet or skin problems for you.

I know you're excited to see what I got for Php1,000, right? Well, I actually had a hard time using all the money as the prices are really low and they allow us to make "tawad". "Tawad" in Filipino term means to ask for a lower price of the item. 

So here's the list of items I got from the store:
1. Fisher Price Toy car
2. Vintage lamp
3. 6 kiddie books
4. 2 Philosophy sunblock (brand new)
5. Avon lotion, foot spray
6. Ed Hardy Bath and Shower gel

It was one hell of an experience! I enjoyed the shopping, the people, and even being on cam! I felt like an expert on surplus stores and I was so excited to bring it home to my husband and baby! I'm excited to bring my family there and to search for more Surplus stores near my place and in Manila as well!
So cheers to an item checked on my bucketlist and new experiences for 2014!
There you go, and Carpe Diem!!!

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