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Friday, January 24, 2014

BTS: Pop Talk Surplus Stores Episode (January 21, 2014)

Yes, I got the chance to be a reviewer on one of my favorite shows in GMA News TV which is Pop Talk. How I got there is really a short story.I have a co-teacher who works as a researcher on the show and he gave my details to Jane Ariane who is the researcher on this segment. 

I was surprised upon receiving the SMS message, it was heart pounding. I did not really want to do it, but because I have a bucketlist that I want to finish before I die, I took the courage to say YES! I was a little hesistant to go for it because it'll be shown in TV, on national TV. But I said "What the hell?! I'm nearing my 30 and this is just once in a lifetime.

Celebrity moment!

So, I said YES! Call time was set at 8am in GMA studio in EDSA. My stage mother even asked my brother to drive me there so I won't be late for the call time. I came early, so I had to wait in 711 beside GMA. 830am came and Jane arrived and I was sent for hair and makeup. It was such a cool feeling being made up, "feeling celebrity" talaga! Then the journey to our first store started. From GMA Kamuning we went straight to Sta Cruz, Carriedo for the first review.

The challenge is to buy any items for PHP1000 from all these stores. We are given this budget and anything that we buy is ours!!! It was a fun and exciting challenge, because it was SHOPPING!!!

Sta. Cruz, Carriedo

Situated in Sta Cruz, Carriedo beside National bookstore building. The first floor of this store is an "Ukay-Ukay" or second hand clothing. The facade is a little dirty and crowded. But once you enter the store, it's organized into categories. The second floor is mostly appliances, and furniture. It also has musical instruments and other gadgets. The third floor is for glass wares such as mugs, glasses, plates, etc.
Toys ranging from baby toys to collector's edition action figures.

Second floor of Hapon Surplus
The floor is full of home appliance, furniture, action figures and musical instruments

On the way to the third floor where we were asked to find our items for PHP1,000

Third floor, left wing
Third floor, Left wing side of Glasswares
Teppanyaki, slow cookers, ceramic plates and bowls.

Third Floor of Hapon Surplus

More plates, glasses, mugs. etc

Filming our items from the store
Some knick knacks on the third floor
This one I think is used by stylist or students of hairstyling
There are also displays and collector's edition toys

Some cute and Japanese decors in the store.


1. 2 pcs. ceramic plates - Php100 each
2. basket - Php 100 each
3. 2 beer mugs ( I don't have the photo cause I already gave it away) - Php100
4. Baby swing - Php300
5. Jewelry box - Php200

Jewelry bo

Contents not included 

Baby swing - *Baby not included* :)

1. Be careful of your surroundings. Be alert always.
2. Check every corner of the store, as some of the treasures are hidden.
3. Make sure that if you buy any appliance that its on 220volts. Most appliance are in 110 volts.
4. Check the quality of the item, some are already broken or damaged. 
5. Enjoy and keep in mind what is functional or what you really need. 

We spent a lot of time here because it was really an exciting first time!:) I'll share with you the other two stores on my next post!:) 

There you go, and please continue reading!:) 

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