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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Journey to the First Tooth

What happens when you're baby suddenly feels feverish and irritable but no sign of cough and  colds? Well you might want to check if your baby is already having his or her first tooth.

That has been  our first-time-parent experience for two days now. Yesterday evening,surprisingly, my fourth month old baby boy woke up and was feverish. I was surprised because for the entire day he was his usual cheerful self. I checked his temperature and it was positive that he had fever. I knew that he didnt have colds or cough but was considering the cold weather that might have got him.But then, I remembered I read in his baby book that one advance milestone for his age was the first tooth. So
I read more about teething symptoms and here's a list of what he experienced.

Teething Symptoms:
1. He drools a LOT. His drooling was  beyond normal. He had drool all over his shirt and bib so much that it was the first sign I knew the fever was probably because  of his  teething.

2. He coughs even without the sickness. As I have  read in other sources, the baby coughs because of too much production of saliva in their mouth. This was also true with my baby.

3. He was drinking his milk a little slower than usual. My son is formula fed and  normally he finishes his milk immediately and continuously but these past two days,
he was slower and could not finish his bottle in one sitting.This was probably because of the pain he feels when sucking on the bottle.

4. He feels relieved in a cold teether. I tried to make my son nibble  on a teether and  it somehow relieves his irritability. He especially likes it when th  teether is straight from the refrigerator. The coldness helps relieve the  pain for a while.

5. His gums are red and sore. I would say that's the proof that my baby was  indeed teething.

How to relieve Teething?

1. Babies would feel irritable because of the tooth coming out so it is important to give them cold teether so that it would somehow relieve the itchiness  or  pain.

2. Use a cold teething gel. You can buy this in drug store. What it does is numb the sore area.

3. Give ibuprofen to help ease some  of the pain. But I would suggest asking . your pedoatrician first before self medicating.

4. Give them love and understanding. My baby boy would always want to be carried an  qould sleep on my chest to maybe ease the pain  little bit. It is so important to give them the  understanding and patience because as babies they really don't know what to feel or how tp say it so all they do is cry. So be a lot more patient to hwlp your baby walk through the journey to that first tooth.

There you go and happy teething!;)

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