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Friday, January 3, 2014

Hey, 2014, Get ready for Me!

Often times, I hear people say, "What's this year gonna bring me?" or "what could be in store for me this year?" Well, I say, otherwise. Now is the year I challenge 2014 to be ready for what I have in store for it. I guess for most of my life I have always been waiting for things to happen, to just go with the flow, but I think I've done enough waiting and is now ready to take what is for me and seize the moment. I've seen this photo in one of my friend's IG:

Then I found the site where it originally came from. Its from That's the link as well if you'd like to see the whole article about putting your ass where your heart is. It truly speaks to me, for the longest time, I wanted to be blogger. But I always had excuses of why I dont blog most of the time. I also wanted to be fit but I would only work out when I feel like it. I've always felt average in anything I do and now I have found the culprit. I have not put my ass where I want my heart to be.

So now having the universe talk to me I have listed where my ASS will be for this year.

1. To blog. Write about anything I am inspired with and write one or two blog everyday.
2. To have financial freedom. Well maybe not yet this year but to start it up. Continue my Php5 a day for Enzo's schooling and try the 52 week challenge
3. To be fit. Finish the 30 day abs workout and Bikini Body Mommy workout I have been putting off
4. To do more makeups. Practice with myself and others. Create portfolio and experiment more.
5. To be the best mom. Take care of my baby and document them through the blog to help other moms as well.
6. To finish my MA. Hopefully! Crossing my fingers.
7. To be the best wife. Learn how to cook, and spend more time with my hubby.

So there you go, this year, my ass will literally be in different places. How about you, what do you have for 2014?:)

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