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Monday, November 23, 2015

Movie Nights: Cheap and Fun Bonding Moments with Family

One of the many things we do as a family is Weekend Movie Nights. It happens every Friday and Saturday night in our little abode and we keep it as a family tradition. It is only in these days that we allow the little boy to have more than one hour of screen time of his favorite movie/cartoon. It is also the time when we watch newly downloaded past movies we have not watched yet. Of course, the movie should be something that interest the little man of the house.

But what is a Movie Night without snacks, right? The experience would not feel like a legit movie night if there are no popcorn, chips, and drinks. Yes, I let my little boy eat some chips during Movie Nights. (Please don't raise your eyebrows at me,okay?!) We let him have a small portion or opt for a healthier alternative for him like popcorn, peanuts, and biscuits. Soda is still a no-no Enzo so we just buy him his own juice. Anyway, Friday and Saturday nights is now something we look forward to besides it having to be the end of the workweek. It is a time for me to bond together and enjoy a movie we will all enjoy. But it is challenging at times to stock up on the movie paraphernalia like snacks and drinks. So for your last minute grocery shopping, head on to Ensogo Philippines and get your favorite snacks just in time for your movie dates. 

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No one says you need to spend a lot of money on family or couple dates right? I also suggest downloading the Ensogo App on your mobile for faster online shopping. Now there is no more excuse to not feel just like in the cinemas at home with Ensogo Philippines. 

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