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Monday, November 23, 2015

Find the Perfect Watch for Every Style

I rarely wear accessories. If I ever wear one it would be just my watch. For a while now, I have been using my Esprit Rose Gold watch. I also have my leather Guess watch and some silver watch I used for different occassions.

My everyday watch from Esprit.

I find it so easy to work with watches to match my style and it does not feel too much for me. I don't feel comfortable with too much accessories that is why I keep it a point to never forget to wear my watch. Here are some of the ways I wear my watches, depending on where I am going and what my mood is.

For Casual Days: If you're style is more on the simple and comfortable side, then you are a minimalist. Not too fancy but still elegant. My casual days include window shopping in the mall, doing errands, or just going to other places. 

For Sporty/Adventure Days: I am a sporty and adventurous type of girl so I enjoy the outdoors and sports. When outdoors, a watch needs to be strong enough to weather temperature, and terrain. So a watch needs to be waterproof, and durable. If you are looking for a sports watch you may try G-Shock or Baby G brands. 

For Formal Events: A watch can either make or break an outfit in a formal attire. It would either be too chunky for your long gowns or too loud for your cocktail dress. I actually have a difficulty in matching my long formal dresses with my watches. But in my wishlist are some thin bracelet type of watches that can be worn with long gowns. 

So a watch is a practical and stylish accessories a person can wear to complete their look. It is an easy accessory which serves a purpose for everyone. But getting the right style for your personal style can be challenging at times. Luckily Ensogo Philippines answers our prayers.

Ensogo Philippines offers as part of their Philippine Online Shopping festival discounts and deals on different branded watches like Marc Jacobs, Casio, G Shock and more.

You can see some of their biggest deals on under the category Fashion then Watches and Jewelries. Prices range from as low as Php800 to as high as Php18,000. You'd surely find what you are searching for minus he hassle of going to the malls.

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