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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

AjiPanda Best Day Ever Press Conference with Kathryn Bernardo

If you have been watching the teleserye Pangako Sayo, then you definitely recognize Ina Macaspac as Kathryn Bernardo. Her character in the teleserye is that of a homegrown cook turned culinary expert. Of course, the story revolved around family past, love affairs, and pursuit of dreams. But as her character exudes happiness, determination, and natural freshness, so does her being a brand endorser for four years for Aji-No-Moto Umami seasoning. 

In the presscon that happened yesterday, November 25, at Torre Venezia Suites in Quezon City, AjiPanda was launched as the icon of the product. 

Ms. Roann L. Co, Marketing Head, explains how Aji-No-Moto has been part of the Filipino Families' life making every dish scrumptuous. She introduces AjiPanda as the Filipino Families' Best Friend in the Kitchen, helping everyone works wonders in their cooking to share many happy meals with the family. 

It was followed by a very informative talk of Dr. Frances Tan, a medical doctor with specialization in General Pediatrics, and a subspecialty in Allergy and Immunology, on basic facts about umami and MSG or monosodium glutamate. She debunked the tongue map that was believed by many for a long time with a new study on the taste buds, each having the taste of sweet, salt, sour, and bitter. She also gave a short history of Umami and how it has become the 5th basic taste that allows people to enjoy the delicious taste in food. 

MSG being a controversial part of food was also explained through Question and Answer portion participated by Ms Roann Co, Dr. Frances Tan, and Dr. Celeste Tanchoco. They clearly explained the components of MSG, specifically of glutamates and how it does not necessarily result to allergies. They presented the important role of glutamate in nutrition. 

After the insightful part of the event, Ms. Kathryn Bernardo, graced everyone with her presence. Her renewal of contract as the brand endorser of Aji-No-Moto was the highlight of the afternoon. 

She shares how Aji-No-Moto is reminiscent of her childhood with her family celebrating with home cooked meals. She also says she cooks for the familu as her time permits and her specialties are Pork Adobo and Beef Tapa. In as much as she enjoys cooking herself, she would love for the new generation of cooks to enjoy the joys of home-cooking with her new bestfriend in the kitchen- AjiPanda.

Yesterday, was really the best day ever with Aji-No-Moto and Ms. Kathryn Bernardo. 

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