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Thursday, November 26, 2015

City Color Nudes Swatches + First Impressions

Been searching for a nude palette eye shadow for a while now. I already used up my previous eye shadow so I was in scarcity for about a month already. I have an eye shadow palette but I can't bring it with me in my Kikay kit cause it's too big. I also have an OCD on finishing up my nudes so I don't always buy one.

Though I have been eyeing for my utlimate dream and my second ultimate dream nude palettes, I found a product that is handy, and is affordable. I really have to always think twice or even trice for my purchases nowadays so I am really glad  I got my hands on City Color Nudes Palette. 

Here are my first impression on City Color Nudes Pallette: 

The City Color Nudes Palette has twelve nude colors with combination of matte colors to shiny ones. It has four (4) light colors that can be used for base eye shadow and highlighting. Eight of the colors are from medium natural colors to dark ones. These are workable colors to have day make up to night makeup. Having nude palettes for your eyes is a must and necessary tool to have especially for beginners and for those who like natural and fresh make up. 

I am excited to work on this palette as I am challenged to have as many different looks as I can just by using this one palette. So here's a swatch of the colors on paper so you'd really see the variety. 

My First Impressions of the pall=ette is outstanding. I love the slimness of the palette because I can bring it anywhere. Not so bulky and can fit into my kikay kit. I also love the combination of colors, I can imagine the looks I can do with the light, medium, and dark colors. As of my first swatch, I'd say it is pigmented because I only had to put a little amount of the powder for the colors to pop out. My only reservation for now is that some of the shiny ones does not really stand out except for the gold one. I think it is really more on the matte side. 

For now, I am satisfied with my purchase but I'd follow up this post with an FOTD so I can road test it.

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