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Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Dream Princess Prom Dresses

I never had a chance to attend a prom in my high school. Coming from an exclusive girls school, it was not something our teachers pushed thru to have. Maybe it was because they assume we don't know any boys at all ( which is true) or they just did not want the work accompanied with it. I think its the lack of boys! Haha!;)

So whenever I hear stories of prom nights and dresses, I can't help imagining what I would wear. Hopefully, I can hve a daughter and put all my fustrations on her! Haha! Just kidding! But if given the chance to be in a prom and wear a dress, I have my dream prom dress design all set and ready. 

I imagine it being in pastel colors of either purple, pink, or blue. It should be in a flowy textile and one that would flaunt my figure. But still keeping it conservative and comfortable to wear. I imagine me looking like a pretty princess ready to take on the world. 

Such amazing dresses right? It can turn anyone into a princess once worn. But here's my favorite:

The color is vibrant and the design are well detailed and beaded. I like how it is sexy but subtle, playful and ladylike, and unique. 

All dresses can be seen and bought in Miss Dress Shop UK. They have tons of prom dress collection fit for everyone. You can check out more of their collections here: All dresses can be seen and bought in Miss Dress Shop UK. They have tons of prom dress collection fit for everyone. You can check out more of their collection of Prom Dresses UK

The dresses are also well made and designs are from traditional to one-of-a-kind. I am sure any girl's princess dream gown can be seen here. Now every Princess dream can be a dream come true. 

How about you, what is your dream Prom dress?

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