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Friday, February 6, 2015

Rockin' my 30th Birthday!

It has been a week after my 30th birthday, and I still could not get over the fun surprises my hubby and some friends did for me. Thanks again everyone you all made me feel very special.

The blessings started pouring, Wednesday, the 28th where from masters school I decided to treat myself to my favorite burrito near, Gregory Park Serious Grub.

What took me by surprise was that the people from Gregory Park recognized me from this blog. That was sooooo cooooollll! I have never been recognized for a blogpost I did before. The best part was that they did not let me pay for my take outs! That was really something, and I was estatic. I wrote the food review just because I love their food and it was noticed. Feeling serious blogger na talaga ako. :)

29th of January.

I attended Manulife's Bundle of Joy and got Enzo free life insurance worth 100k for one year. Click here to know how you can get yours.  I also got to seen Delamar in person. #girlcrush And met new blogger friends as well. I got to meet Lhyzie Bongon who I just read online. Cool right? Visit her blog here too:

The food served was also delicious. It was from Chef Jessie who cooked for Pope Francis. It was heaven and I'd bet Pope Francis enjoyed his meals too.

Last but not the least, I won the raffle and got GCs too!:) Thanks to Manulife for the GCs I got to buy myself an induction cooker!

Raffle Prize and Giveaways
Yey for induction cooker!:)

Then in the evening I attendef my first ever Zomato foodie meet up at Wild Ginger where I met the awesome people of Zomato and other bloggers too.

Repost from Elaine at Wild Ginger

I enjoyed the food and the company as well. Will post a review soon and please get Zomato and start discovering the best places to eat out!:)

Giveaways from Zomato!

Then the 30th day came, and though I had to teach for 6hours, it was still an amazing day. I was expecting that my hubby and I with little Enzo will just have a quiet dinner but I did not know I was in for a big surprise.

Excuse the #birthdayselfie, hubby made me wait for awhile at our house so might as well prettify, right? Okay, so as soon as they arrived I was already complaining that I wanted to eat already. So hubby and I rode the orange jeep and was expecting to go to Harbour square which was near to us. But we got off at Sev's Cafe and I was told it was cinema night. I got a little hunch as it was dark and there were no people around. Then everyone came out with a cake singing happy birthday to me. My family, relatives, colleagues, and friends were there. I was the happiest, most special, beautiful lady of the night. I could not be happier.

The surprise did not stop as they played a video of my throwback pictures. The BEST surprise were Kontra Tiempo and Benny Bunny Band. Been raving about them for months now, and I could not believe my hubby convinced them to play for my birthday. What's even more amazing was they agreed to play for me for the night. It was just amazing.

Treats from Benny Bunny Band, #perksofafangirl. An important milestone in my life happened in the company of people I love and admire. I am overwhelmed by the outpour of love I was given and I am to always do the same for them. 30 is just a number and I am looking forward to more adventures, surprises, and experience with my loved ones.

The people who made my 30th Rock!:)

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  1. I can't believe your 30 sis. You just really look good and young in your age.



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