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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blogger Skills: Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Take Blog Worthy Photos Workshop

Today has been truly productive and inspiring. I attended my morning and afternoon classes then went straight to the Photography Workshop of Mommy Bloggers Philippines. It was my first time to attend a photography workshop so I was thrilled. Th best part of it is one of my favorite mommy blogger, Joy Gurtiza of  Joy Bites was the speaker! (Good Job, Joy!:)) 

Here are some of my shots taken before the workshop in Saboten.
Before shots
These were some of my tests shots while waiting for the workshop to start. If you were to ask me if my photos looked great,  I 'd say these are a "Pwede na" photos. That is until I learned that the basics of ptography and how these "Pwede na" photos  be turned into its best version.
Set up, Behind the scenes
Afte the talk we were then asked to practice shooting and apply our new skills. Here are some of my best shots. (Hihi! Pwede na for a beginner)

I showed these to my hubby and he said "Paano biglang luminaw camera mo?" Hihi. That's how great the workshop was to think that I just used a Samsung mobile phone. :) Tama nga, na wala sa brand ang camera, nasa humahawak. :)
Afterwards, I also took some photos of the giveaways I got from the event.

There were other giveaways but I'd like to practice the new skills I have on them. There were also to-do lists in the handouts given during the workshop and I am planning to do them so I could see my progress too. I hope you stay tuned on that too!:)
Thank you to all the generous sponsors, #Saboten, #JapanHome #HenrysProfessional, #OilofArgan, #VilladelConte, and #Gouache.
To Mommy Bloggers Philippines, great job on  another successful and enriching event. Kudos to all your hard work and till our next!:)


  1. Uuuyyy nice shots ha! I sooo wanted to join. :( Sana may next time or part 2!

    1. Hihi thanks Mamanee. Im sure may part 2 yun, marami din gusto sumali eh:)

  2. Love the shots sis! I wish to attend a photography workshop din. so happy to see you active on events narin! Congrats :) More to come!

    1. Nako sis need mo pa ba? Super galing mo magtake ng photos eh. Hihi thanks dami ko na din nameet na mga bloggers, thanks to you too!:)

  3. I want to attend Photography workshops din to develop my skills in getting photos for blogging. Though little by little, I feel I'm learning na rin through tutorials. Can I attend Mommy Blogger workshops on photography even if I'm not 'yet' a mom?

  4. Saang event kaya tayo magkakatagpo? haha! Never pa kitang na-meet :)



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