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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Manulife Bundle of Joy: Securing our Family's future

A family is made more complete with children. A marriage becomes fulfilling as one enters into the phase of being able to nurture another person. A new baby brings happiness and inspiration to most parents.
When hubby and I married, we were already pregnant with our first baby. Though we were filled with joy, the reality was we will have to provide everything our bundle of joy would need. As a worrier mom, I had always thought of his educational plans and our family's insurance. I know most moms or parents feel me on this, right? As parents, we would want to secure our children as much as we can with everything that we have. Saving money in the bank may not be enough as the times are changing and so are circumstances.

Luckily for new parents or expecting parents, Manulife PH has an exciting offer for you that could lessen some of your life's worries.

Manulife Ph is one of the oldest top life insurance firms in the country providing innovative financial products

Now, Manulife brings its newest product: Bundle of Joy to help more Filipino families into better financial awareness thus securing the family.

Bundle of Joy is an advocacy of Manulufe that would help families to take the initial steps in preparing for their future especially of the children. Now expectant moms or parenta to new born babies can be part of a community that would support a starting family.

Just register online in  Bundle of Joy and you get a free Php100k life insurance coverage for children below 1 year of age. Not only that you can also get tips and lessons from resident doctors that could assist you in the early stages of being pregnant and raising a baby. You can also get freebies or win prizes when you become a part of the community. But more than the free stuff you can get through it what matters most is the ability or opportunity you, as parents, can offer your children. Life is full of uncertainties but as parents, it is but best to have some peace of mind. Manulife Bundle of Joy makes this part easiers for us.

For more information, check their site at or

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