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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Words to Live By at 30

Two weeks after my birthday and everything is going fast... too fast actually. My masters class have officially begun which means readings and a lot of them plus critique paper every week. My teaching classes, on the other hand, will start their immersion this week which means I have to prep them and get them conditioned to serve the community. As a family, we are on our first full week of condo living and there has been a lot of adjustments too.

Been busy right? But I am not complaining and I'd like to share with you inspiring quotes that help me live by and stay positive. Hope you get inspired too!:)

I learned to know what I want and get it. Nothing is too late and noone is too old for anything. See I am getting my masters just now that I am 30 but education knows no number.

You know you grow wiser when you want everyone to excel. When you do not feel inferior or superior to anyone. It means you already have established a person you want and love.

It is in recognizing that we lack or need something that we accept that ther is work to be done. Getting what you want starts with knowinh exactly what you want. Be specific with goals so your actions would be specific too.

Too much energy is wasted minding people who hurts, annoys, or angers us. Focus on what is positive and you will attract positivity as well. Be angry or annoyed and it will follow.

Friendship now at my age is not only about being physically present at all times. Priorities have changed and there are times that we really cannot be with our friends. But this does not make you a bad friend, there is more to friendship than just texting, chatting.

Make yourself useful to others. We are confronted with too much individuality that we sometimes stray away from a sense of community. Be responsible for others and do what you can to help them. Start with your family, with friends, with people who are near us, be a helping hand.

Lastly, the Pope has taught me a lot but I love this one. When we dream we love and when we love we dream.

Do you have other quotes you live by? Share them with me, I'd be happy to know about them.

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine and was taken from the internet.

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