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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Baby is a GENIUS!

Happy first day of January everyone! How was your New Year's Celebration? I'm sure you are as happy and tired just like my family and I but still has party hangover!:) That is what we feel today so we decided to spend it with just the three of us today and go malling.

But that's not what this post is about. Nothing interesting that much in the malls except for sale and more sale of different stores.

Thus this post is about how genius of my baby is. Yes you read that right! MY BABY IS A GENIUS! That's of course in my standard as his mom. But let me tell you why I think my Baby is a Genius.

1. Animal sounds. At age 1 year and 4months, my baby can answer about 9 animals sounds.

He can make the sounds of a dog, cat, goat, horse, fish and a lot more. I am so proud of how he can imitate easily and retains it as well.

2. He speaks two to three syllables. He can say his favorite words "Dada" and "baba" (whenever he's carried). He also can call his grandparenta, "Papa" and "Mama". Funny how he also uses the phrases "Wala na", "Penge" and "Hindi" correctly. He also waves and says "Hi" and "Hello" to new people he meets.

3. He walks and runs very well. No more explanation on this, just believe me when I say he loves walking. He.loves.walking. haha!:)

4. He dances to his favorite songs. I am a little shy to admit but my lil boy loves the songs "Talk Dirty to Me" and "Wiggle". Both adult songs, I know but he just loves it.

5. He is a curious and adventurous boy. He loves discovering new things he can do with his toys, ordinary things, and even with his own body. His being adventurous could also be something got from me hihi.

I'm sure you are raising your eyebrows at me or saying "That makes him a Genius already?Seriously!"

My answer to you is Yes! That's my opinion and I appreciate all littlebor big things my baby is able to do early in his life. I am declaring that he is a genius and with it I am promising to help his intelligence whatever it may be.

That is exactly the message I want to convey not to mothers or parents like me, but to every person in the world: To look at all children as Geniuses. Becauses they really are. They are special and intelligent in their own way. It only needs to be recognized and appreciated.

I hope all you geniuses agree too!:)


  1. Amen to that!

    Now if I can only remember to think of our students as geniuses too... :) Happy New Year, Mommy Jho!

    1. Hihi we i agree, it could be difficult at times but that's what teachers are for hihi. Happy New Year Ms. See you soon!:)



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