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Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Happy Bucket List

I have a teacher friend who would always ask his students of "What brings them joy?" I'd always say how great of a question it was because it's recognizing positive things and counting our blessings. 
Which is why it is but timely to share with you Ten Things that makes me Happy, which is the Happy Bucket List. This is a list of happy pills I bring out in times of sorrow or lack of motivation.

                  "10 Happy Bucket List"

10. Scrapbooking, Arts and Crafts

My favorite shows during childhood was the lifestyle channel. I love making scrapbooks and decorating. I find joy in cutting papers, doing templates and anything artsy. I feel the kid inside me jumps in joy everytime I hold a scissor, crayon or colored pens.

9. Nature and Adventure

Trying new stuff and getting out of my comfort zone brings excitement and thrill in my life. I enjoy every moment I get to spend with mother nature and her creation. Being with nature brings me back to where I came from and make me realize how simple life really is.

8. Bags, makeups and everything nice.

I am a late bloomer in kikay stuff. I only got interested in it during my last year in college. I learned personal and professional makeup lessons. Now I enjoy using and sharing my knowledge in makeup. Bags and pouches also make me happy that sometimes I think I have too many. Hihi.

7. Beach.

Going out of town and being in the beach is a source of happiness. I enjoy just hanging out at the beach or at a pool.

6. Chocolates and Ice Creams.

I am a sweet tooth and any chance that I could eat chocolatea and ice cream is heaven. I would want to eat anything sweet after a heavy meal and it's would beb excellent if I could have ice cream!:)

5. Surprises and Events organizing

I find joy in bringing people surprise whether on special occassions like their birthday or just when I remember them. I also find joy in organizing any events that is why I look forward to a lot of milestones of my baby and our family.

4. Clean and fresh blankets and bedsheets

These are just irresistable and makes me want to just lie down and cuddle. Simple things that bring so much joy.

3. Coffee and Conversations

The best ideas, advices, and jokes come from conversations and accompanied by coffee brings happiness to me. I feel energized and recharge every after these talks.

2. Teaching and my students

Yes, I admit, my students are my greatest joys. I may rant or complain at times but they are the best teachers I have. I learned not only about the topics that we discuss but more on about life and myself.

1. My Family.

I am a Family Person. I prioritize them as much as I can and I carry a responsibility in each of them. I am happy when they are happy.

These are the things that make me happy. People, places and stuff that make me smile everyday. Having these in my life is reason enough for me to wake up everyday.

What makes your happy bucket list? I'd love to know about them!:)


  1. If you really come to think of it, happiness comes from the simplest things in life... like seeing our babies smile.... actually one of the priceless things in a mother's life. and if you count all the small things in life, that's when life really becomes beautiful... it's all about appreciation :)

  2. I knew family would always be the number one in the happy bucket list! This is a nice way to be grateful for our blessings. :D

  3. This is a great list and we have a lot of the same things that make us happy. Family is definitely number 1.

  4. Thanks for sharing Jo. Keep the post coming. Cheers!



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