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Saturday, January 10, 2015

MANILA WORKSHOPS: Speed Networking Brunch

Hi there everyone! I have good news for all of you, every month I will share with you upcoming events from Manila Workshops. If you've been reading my blog you probably know that I have been to some of their workshops and I promote them here occassionally.

For those who don't have any idea about them yet, here's a quick intro:

Manila Workshops was founded by Ginger Palma - Arboleda in 2012. It's aim is to provide a venue for people to continuously learn and aspire for their entreprenuerial  or personal goals in life. They provide different workdshops and seminars that would help enhance knowlede in different areas like creativity, business and personal development.
I have been to three workshops of Manila Workshop and they never fail to give me more knowledge in areas I am interested in. Thanks to them I had a successful party for my son's first birthday when I attended the "How to make your own Kiddie Party".

Here are the links to my experience and learnings from the workshop:

Next workshop I attended was through Mommy Bloggers Philippines and it was the Ogalala System in Play. Learned a bunch from this and how I could make play a learning moment for little Enzo.

I also had the chance to attend Baby Signs but unfortunately got sick during the event that I had to leave early. I was so disappointed but I had to prioritize my health. The organizers still let me take home my freebies though I did not finish it. Thank you so much, Manila Workshops.
So, if you believe that learning does not end in the classroom or if you just love learning, Manila Workshops might just be the right partner for you. Expect me to flood you with their events and hopefully to see you in one of their events!:)

Here's one event for you writers, bloggers, business owners who would like to expand their networks:
Please also use my referral code (TYJSNB1) when you register, thanks! 

You can register here:
Please also use my referral code (TYJSNB1) when you register, thanks!
For more information go to:  Manila Workshops Offical Site

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