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Saturday, January 17, 2015

#30on30 Part 2: Crafty Artsy Giveaway + More Great News

Hello everyone, although I promised to post about my birth month giveaway every Friday of the month, I was not able to do so yesterday. I apologize but I'll share with you great news with this post!:) I'm sure you love good news, right?:)

So anyway, I was not able to post for about four days and my last post was about my "10 Happy Bucket List"  and it became part of a book review by another mommy blogger friend Marie of  MamaNeesNest You can read her book review here: Mamanee's Nest: Book Review of Love Yourself by Marjorie Duterte and she's also having a giveaway!:)

That day I also received a great news that I got accepted in University of the Philippines Diliman for a Masteral degree I applied for. It has been my long time dream to become a pre-school teacher and I have finally decided to fulfill it. So yey for me! I'll be a student again on Family Life and Child Development!:)

The next day, I had to go to Manila and bring little Enzo to my sister-in-law to get some of my medical requirements for UP. You know, we have been yaya-less since Enzo was born and we're still planning to keep that way. Luckily, I have a sister-in-law who's really very patient to take care of Enzo while we're at work.

Wednesday, came and I tried to enroll in UP but I wasn't able to finish. It was really a gruelling experience (OA lang) but my friends who came from UP said that's really part of being a student there. Nonetheless, I am still excited and ecstatic to start schooling. It means more knowledge to take care of my little boy and to share in this blog too!:)

At the University Registrar's while waiting.

Before I start my next giveaway, I'd like to say Thanks to everyone who has joined the first part of #30on30. I decided to announce all winners on the day of my birthday, January 30 so I can ship the prizes by first week of February. Yey! That's good news right?

So here's the second part of my giveaway entitled:
Crafty Artsy Giveaway

I love DIYs and crafts. Ever since I was a little girl my time was spent on re-creating crafts and arts I see on television. I also enjoy doing decors, designs, and art pieces for any event we have. Here are some examples of DIYs I did before. 
One of the games during Enzo's Surfin Party 

Table numbers in our Varsity themed Wedding
There are a lot of other things I like to DIY. I also love doing scrapbooks and photo albums. I get an unexplainable joy when I get to cut, color, paste and decorate stuff especially events. Though I am not yet the pinterest type of crafter (I think, you know what I mean right?) but I do my best and I think about it a lot of times. I put effort and love to any craft or DIY project I do. So my next giveaway has something to do with Crafting and Scrapbooking.

What you'll get are these: 

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Follow this blogsite by email. You just have to enter your email address on the left side of my blogsite. 
3. Comment below: Why do you love DIY projects? Full Name, Email Address.

That's it! Please wait for the announcement of winners on January 30.


  1. I love DIY projects because they make me feel creative and fulfilled. :) Also, I feel very proud when I finish a product - cause I know it's the labor of my hardwork. Hihi <3

    Btw congrats po on passing the UPCAT! I'm also a UP student but an undergrad :D

    1. Melissa Ungco :)

  2. I also love DIY projects.. like you, I all started since I was a kid and until now. I also encourage my daughter to be likeme since she also has a skill on that. DIY makes a bonding moment for me and my children. I love making scrapbook of every details of my children and I feel proud when some my children's friends look at it.
    Diana Beatima

  3. This is a great kit to bond with my daughter since she loves to do creative and personalized stuff like me.

    Aldrin Montierro

  4. I love DIY projects dahil dyan lumalabas ang pagiging creative ko.

    Angeline Espineli

  5. i love DIY projects because it's bring myself to be a creative..

  6. John Kelvin Vidamo

  7. I love DIY projects because it allows you to showcase your own ideas and creations. I like things to have "personal touch" because it makes it more special. It is also a nice bonding time for my friends and family. Most especially with my nephew who loves arts and crafts. :)

    Caren Estillero

  8. I love DIY project because of this my creativity was improved!

  9. I love DIY's since I was in my elementary days. It all started from arts then doing little things I love, from papers to colors and mixing things to form new things. Until now, I have this kind of attitude towards DIY's. I love making new things from nothing.

    Eurethel Lynne Agapin



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