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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello 2015! Plus a Blog Resolution Tag!

It's only hours before 2014 bids goodbye and we say Hello to another year! This year has been kind and challenging to my family and I. We had difficulties and struggles but the happy and exciting moments make us stronger as a family. This year has been a good teacher to us both my hubby and I, as we learn more about being parents. I learned that our little boy has taught us more than we have taught him and for that I am grateful and proud.
I am looking forward to 2015 as I have a lot of plans for myself and family. It's exciting to start anew as it brings new chances, opportunities, and improvements.
As I previously stated in my posts, this year has been exceptional because of my blogging journey. In this journey, I have met a handful of people who has inspired and motivated me as a mommy blogger. Each one of you has been a blessing to me this year, so thank you!:) (hihi natouch na yan sila!:P)
So here's a list of blog resolutions I'll do for 2015.
1. Buy a domain :)
2. Make a blog plan. Making a directional plan for my blog so I will write better and become an intentional blogger. I'd like to be able to help others not just moms on my blog so having a plan will probably get me there. 
3. Improve blog designs
4. Read and learn more about blogging.
5. Attend writing or photography workshops.
6. Get to know more bloggers.
7. Attend more events and post within one week. 
8. Don't blog procrastinate.
9. Be more active in FB groups and pages.
10. Join more COMEX.

Here's a list of Bloggers I'd read more this coming year.
1. Martine De Luna
2. Lally Gonzales
4. Paulline Joy Flores
5. Rackell Villareal

I would still of course read on my favorite bloggers but Ill give these moms more time so I'll get to know them more.

With that, here's a tag I'd like to start with my fellow mommy bloggers. You just need to state atleast 5 Blog resolutions you would do for 2015 and list down 5 Bloggers you'd like to read more about. Then tag 5 bloggers as well!

I'm tagging:
1. Louisa Mercado
2. Lally Gonzales
3. Pauline Joy Flores
4. Nadia De Leon
5. Rackell Villareal

Please link back to me once you are done! Hope you'd be challenged to do this.
Happy New Year everyone!:)


  1. Happy New Year Jho! Will work on this within the week. Too bad I'm trying work right now. I'll be opening the year in the office. I'm hoping that means better work and career opportunities. Hehe.

    1. Okay, workaholic ka kasi haha!:) Basta next time pag off mo lets meet up

  2. Thank you for the tag Mommy Jho. Ika-career ko yan blogpost na yan. Hahaha..thank you din for being part of my 2014. Instant connection agad kahit lately lang tayo nagkakilala. Soulmate ba kita? Lol..More events and gigs to come na magkasama tayo especially with MBP South chapter. Happy New Year! Mwahugs :-*

    1. Hay nako true ka dyan! Parang soulsisters talaga. More gala to us and more backlogs haha!:P see you soon!:)

  3. Happy new year, Jho! Ikaw yung simple pero rock ang dating para sa akin. We will make this blogging journey more meaningful and hopefully inspiring for our readers

    1. Hahah wow naman!:) Oo tama hopefully we can all transition dun sa sinabi mong intentional blogger saka go tayo sa blogging plan ha!:)



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