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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Mother's Pursuit to Dream: Is it really too late?

The year 2015 started with high hopes for me. I have nothing but good news here and there, and I couldn't be happier. Though there are aspects of my life that was doing well, something was still missing.

I actually knew what it was. It was a dream I have had since around 2007. I don't recall the exact year but it was that long ago.

I have always wanted to become a preschool teacher. I felt deep inside that I have a gift with children. I already had one of the pre-requisites of being a preschool teacher which is my passion for teaching. I loved cutting papers, preparing lessons for my niece and nephews, and I enjoy watching kiddie shows.

But. I will always keep the thoughts and desires in the deepest part of my mind and heart. I was too old or it was a waste of money... again. (I had my first attempt in an MA degree but did not finish it) Those were the thoughts I convinced myself to believe in for a long time. I was pretty good at it, if you may ask. Hehe.

Then I got married and had my cute little baby. I was already building my own family. All the more reason to forget about my own pursuits and dreams. I told myself that dreaming was no longer for me but only for my son and family.

My coursework for FLCD

Is it really too late?

If it is, then why am I enrolled in a Masters Degree for Family Life and Child Development for 3 years at most?

Because a mother can dream, and make it come true. No one was stopping me from dreaming, not my husband or my son, but only myself. The reasons I had were just excuses or cowardice. I had too many fears and insecurities that I let it took over my decisions.

My Dream Come True

If there is one more thing I am grateful for, for being a mother, it is a clearer vision and direction in my life. I have never been this confident about a long term plan and Enzo helped me through it. The excuses that I had became motivations. I took every step as a challenge. When I encounter difficulties before like a little delay, rain, or a tear in an application form, I would immediately say it is not meant for me or the universe does not want me to go through. Now everything has changed, I began to take control of all the actions or challenges that I face. I finally learned that I had to live my dreams and make it come true. I only had forward steps to take and keep my eyes on the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Is it really too late? Nothing is too late, what matters is the now and how we make use of it. Because if we don't start living our dreams, someone else will.

I'm taking each step slowly and carefully, I am inspired to make it to my dreams, what dream are making come true today?:)


  1. I personally believed that God planted dreams in our heart. Hawak kamay tayo sa pag-abot ng mga pangarap natin Mommy Jho. I'll be your supportive friend! #aja :-D

    1. Yehey! Thanks Mommy Lally, let's go and make our dreams happen!:)

  2. It is never too late to pursue your life's passion. Some even took decades before realizing what they really want. You are lucky to have known all these years. Go go go for it! :) Cheers to a purposefully lived life!

    1. Hihi Thanks, it's such a blissful life we have as mom's noh! Ang saya lang.



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