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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Tricks, Just Treats: The Mommy Bloggers Philippines First Ever Spook-tacular Halloween Party!!!

It was so exciting to find this near the stairs going to the Great Big Room, I had to take a picture because it also had my son's name. (Baka next year, sa Fun Ranch din kami magpabirthday hihi!:))

One of the sponsors, Jolly Canola Oil displayed on the way to the party room!!!

The stage is all set for the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Spook-tacular Halloween Party!!!

Opening Prayer by PierAngeli Ang Sen of The Soapbox Filipina

Marie Bella San Luis of Mamanee's Nest was the fabulous host during the event. My little bear was ready to get some action too!

The woman behind Mommy Bloggers Philippines and the Spook-tacular Party, 
Lani Lluch of Tweensel Mom

Treats from FlyAce Corporation
Good Life
Jolly Cow
Al Dente
Dona Elena

My little bear enjoying his mushroom tempura from Jolly!:)
Dona Elene Al Dente Pasta. I loved the pasta and the free recipes available at their booth!

They also had a special assessment/consultation on my fats which I'd want to share with you on another post cause the info I got was vital and was interesting too.

Those were the goodies near the registration, but take a look at what goodies were in front near the stage, hihi! More freebies from sponsors!!!
Raffle Prizes for mommies and babies!!

Trick or Treat Area!! Goodies for the Kiddos!!!

Near the Trick or Treat area, was what caught my eye that I literally jumped for joy upon seeing them. I have read lots of reviews about them and had wanted to try it for the longest time. It was The Cream Factory PH!!! Wohoooo! Their booth was sooooo cute!! I love all their products and I'm so lucky to have the chance to try their products now!!! Double Wohoooo!!!:)

What was also interesting was the Maya Hotcake Decorating Station
Though I did not get the chance to make my own hotcake it was gun watching kids and adults make their own designs. A lot of kids were even decorating their hotcakes after the program. That was how fun it was there!

Beside it was the Jolly cooking demo station, I watched the demo very intently because I would want to cook better especially for my baby. The recipes cooked were easy to do and FlyAce corporation has everything I might need to re-create healthy dishes for the family. 

The Spaghetti with Meatballs finished product!! Looks yummy and scary with the eye meatballs!:)

Our souvenirs from the Halloween party turned Christmas party because of the fun memories not mentioning the sackful of goodies we went home with!!!

Thank you again, Mommy Bloggers Philippines and to all the sponsors, you have made my family and I overjoyed by your generosity. My baby had a great time in his first ever Halloween party that extended until at present. 

Most of all, thank you my new found BFFs, you have inspired me in continuing my blogging journey. You have taught me more than I have ever expected to learn. I hope this is only the first of many events that we will work on. I loved every bit of laughter, walks in the scorching heat, meetings inside the cab, neverending chats, and just your company! Thank you and I am honored to have met you all!:) 

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