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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Celebrate National Pasta Month with this Eight Pasta Trivia

Hey everyone! Are you a Pasta lover? Can you atleast eat pasta 3 days in a row or everyday? Well, if you ask me, I'd give you one enthusiastic YES!! I love eating pasta and at times cooking them too. Though I prefer red or meat sauce over oil or cream based pasta, I have learned to experiment with it. Good thing, my pallete is starting to enjoy lots of different tastes so I am forming a love relationship with any kind of pasta.

Yesterday, October 25, I was blessed to be invited by Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta to their media launch at The Blackboard by Chef Michel at the Podium.

I came in a little early so I had the chance to take photos of the venue and other Dona Elena products. 

With Dona Elena products, cooking pasta is easy-breezy with their complete ingredients.
Dona Elena  Olives, Pure and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Anchovies and Spanish Sardines.

So going back to the program, I'd say this event was informative. I loved pasta but I guess I did not really get the opportunity to know more about it. Great thing, Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta invited expert in the field of Pasta! (:)) It started with the introduction and origins of pasta then next was from nutritionist Prof. Luchie Callanta to talk about the nutritional value of eating pasta. It was then followed by Mr. Rj Jimenez who shared his Pasta Experience and on how to find inspiration in cooking and eating pasta. A cooking demo was the highlight of the event which was done by Chef Michel  . Would try to recreate the recipe soon so watch out for that soon here on the blog. 

Now, I'll share with you things you did not know about your pasta and what's in it. I bet it'll change your pasta experience!

Pasta originated in China.

Yes you read that right. It did not come from Italy popularly known. It was inspired by Asian noodles and was brought by Marco Polo to Italy from China. At present though, Italy is the Pasta Capital of the World. 

Al Dente means "firm to the bite".

As a pasta lover, I have heard and said this word many times while cooking or eating pasta. Its almost a requirement for all pasta to be Al Dente but I did not really know that it meant . When pasta is cooked al dente, pasta is tender and firm. I don't know anyone who likes their pasta mushy, especially me. 

Pasta is a source of protein.

Pasta is made up of protein and eating pasta helps the body fight off illness and disease. It also maintains healthy muscles, build skin, hair and nails and provides energy for the body that helps keep it from fatigued.

Carbohydrates or Carbs is not the cause of Obesity.

This one got me surprised as I have always heard that carbs is one of the culprits of getting fat. It was debunked by Prof. Luchie saying that pasta which is high on carbohydrates is not fattening as long as its in moderation. She emphasized that the lack of exercise is the reason for weight gain. Guess we have another reason to indulge ourselves with pasta!!  

October 25th is National Pasta Day!

The celebration for the National Pasta day started in Rome. This appreciation month is celebrated in some parts of the world and even in the Philippines to draw everyone's attention to everything pasta. This is a new celebration for me and its another reason to eat, cook, and learn about pasta! I sure would love to celebrate pasta day anytime and any day. 

Each pasta/noodle has its (sauce) match.

I appreciate this new knowledge about pasta sauces because now I have a guide as to what pasta/noodle best match a sauce. This would even create a high level of gastronomy for me when eating pasta. I'll share that with you in another post with the recipes. :)

Every pasta dish has a story.

This one I got from Mr. RJ Jimenez that caught my attention that I had to write it down. He said that aside from the experience of eating pasta dishes or any dishes for that matter, one should also discover the story behind it. He also said that all cuisines have their own origin that when known makes the experience more unforgettable. 

Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is the only Artisan Quality Italian Pasta

I'll tell you why Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is the best pasta for you: 
Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is made through the artisan way of cooking by the slow drying process and not subjected to high heat. This process tends to preserve the food nutrients more that food cooked in high heat thus the 13% high protein content. Unlike local pasta with only 6% protein content, Dona Elena Al Dente pasta contains 13% protein. It is certified 100% All Natural, free from genetically modified organisms or GMO. It also stays true to its name being AL DENTE because its made from 100% Durum Wheat Semolina. Durum Wheat Semolina is used in making high quality pasta. Durum being the hardest of all wheat which means more protein content. Thus, Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta gives moer fiber, less starch and is also a lot better for blood sugar. Another pride of Dona Elena Al Dente pasta is its Bronze die cut noodles. Bronze dies require much harder and higher quality durum wheat semolina in order to make pasta. It leaves a rough surface that creates ridges on the pasts which makes the sauces cling better making it more delicious. 

So, the how do we like our pasta? Simply say, AL DENTE!!!

For more information about Dona Elena Al Dente at
Follow them on IG: @donaelenacuisineraclub 

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