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Thursday, October 9, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Memfy: Because very memory matters

Hi., everyone! Do you like taking photos? What do you usually take photos of? Well, me? I love photos, I once wanted to become a photographer but I think I dont have the eye for it though. haha! But ever since I became I mom, I always want to take a photo of every moment, milestones, and events that are important to me and to my baby. I have my Project 365 for the first year of my baby boy. I have a photo album for my babies random moments and everything I can take a photo of. hihi!

My one problem with photo documenting is I don't know where to store them online. I have experienced a lot of deleted and corrupted files which really broke my heart huhu!. Good thing, there's this new online micr-diary platform that allows me to record short notes/memories or Memfies about anything I want. 

Here are more details about Memfy and how it can help us Moms remember and document important dates and events in our family's lives. 

Rallying support to record memories and thoughts privately and 
securely through your mobile device

UK startup launched Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds to take
online, micro­diary Memfy, mobile

September, 2014WHAT ARE THE MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE THAT HAVE SHAPED WHO YOU ARE TODAY? How do you remember all those memories and events in your life that really matter? Whether you're 20 or 60, we have all lived years of life shaping memories ­­happy, sad and even funny ones. In this fast­paced world, it’s impossible to keep track of everything and we end up with vague recollections of the past. However, with the help of online micro­diary platform, Memfy (, people are able to
keep track of the memories that matter most to them.

Memfy is an online micro­diary platform that allows users to record short notes/memories or Memfies about anything they want to remember in the future. From archiving major life milestones; to recording those little moments that they don't want to forget, Memfy allows these memories to be recorded privately, much like a modern day locked journal—a rare feature in this highly public social media/digital space.

While Memfy is available online, having just a web­based micro­diary that records memories and thoughts is not enough. In our increasingly mobile world, people are beginning to use computers less and less and utilise mobile devices more and more.

The UK tech startup team behind Memfy is now rallying the digital universe to raise funds to support the development of Memfy mobile apps (for iOS and Android) which, when launched, will be FREE for everyone! The Memfy mobile apps will be designed in such a way that blends function and aesthetics in order to bring the much­ loved features of to the palm of your hand. This way, valuable moments and memories can be recorded anytime, anywhere.

Join the cause to help make Memfy apps a reality and to help you chronicle the events that shape your life today and all the days to come. We invite you to visit the Memfy Indiegogo crowdfunding project page here:

Do you want to check out Memfy first? Just log on to or join the Memfy conversation on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, @Memfy.

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